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Juice Oct 28 '14
I've heard many different opinions of him. I was wondering what you guys think of him.
Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Oct 28 '14

Juice Oct 29 '14

Quote from Khandnalie
Anna Oct 29 '14
Complete indifference. Sure, he's not as charismatic as Anton LaVey, but it's really the problem of the Church of Satan and its members. If they are satisfied with his leadership and most of them are, then fine.
Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Oct 29 '14
On a more serious note, not really a fan. He's kind of an asshole, and the whole "CoS am only reel Santatists!!" attitude kind of pisses me off. 
JasinElric Oct 29 '14
JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Oct 29 '14
^ Hahahahaha
johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Oct 30 '14

Quote from JasinElric

Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Oct 30 '14
JasinElric Oct 30 '14
^That loop is amazing
JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Nov 6 '14
Super Hot Fire, boooooy.... speaking of...

Anna Nov 6 '14
You mean people, leave poor Gilmore alone!
Juice Nov 6 '14
Peter Gilmore isn't a Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus such as myself, but he's alright.
Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Nov 6 '14

Quote from AnnaCzereda You mean people, leave poor Gilmore alone!

Also, that rap video is truly fantastic. I love it.

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Nov 7 '14
Anna , is it  that you (Khandnalie's post)  crying for the Grey Pope? 
Anna Nov 7 '14
Yeah, let me shed a tear for him. ;)
nith Nov 10 '14

Although I would not seek out his next book or listen to everything he says, I have no issue with him. He has taken something that was not his and run with it to get what he wants but I find it funny that any Satanist would take the moral high ground against this.

Then again I would class him the same as any religious or cult leader who has feathered their own nest with the followings of others. If it gets him what he wants and is not in my way then I don't care.

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Knievel74 Member
Knievel74 Nov 14 '14
I don't have a problem with him. But I love how he contradicts himself in interviews by saying all Satanists are individuals and in the same sentence will say things like "we Satanists do this" or "we Satanists believe in that". It's obvious he's just minding the store.
I actually read his book and as a few of his articles which make me feel that he his using a ghost writer or happens to be a talented author but as far as his music I haven't heard any of it so I'm not going to judge it either way. However this is where my Gilmor defense ends. Peter has in effect corrupted the church by doing next to nothing if nothing out right to keep the CoS in the media let alone its social media usage or lack there of. I say shove the penis of Satan strait up Gilmors ass, he'd probably die of a hart attack in which case Satan would continuesly but rap him, amongst other rthings, for all of forever.
Felltyde Nov 17 '14
For the most part I enjoyed the "Satanic Scriptures", Though I do feel much of his written work leaves much to be desired(the topic matter kept me going)...I can't take issue with him as the leader of the CoS because I'm not a member and they are quit mum about their actions (or inactions as they were).
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