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Chiron Sep 12 '17
I had an interesting discussion this morning with a member about the difference between LHP, RHP, and astrology. She couldn't reconcile my LHP with my abilities as an astrologer. She thinks you cannot be LHP, and yet subscribe to the laws of astrology. My point was, physics is physics. You can call yourself the great levitating yogi all day, but the laws of gravity will still apply. Astrology is metaphysics. scorpio is scorpio it doesn't matter what you call yourself. Do you have any thoughts on this? I'm not sure what LHP and RHP really mean, tho...
Chiron Sep 12 '17
I dont want to put you out, I was really interested in your thoughts on astrology. Her assertion took me back. Does following L.H.P. negate the laws of astrology?
Chiron Sep 13 '17
Interesting. Remember, astrology is the oldest science, the original ziggurats in Mesopotamia was built...for the astrologers...New Age has nothing to do with it.
Malicious Sep 25 '17
Well this issue is rather complex. Someone must understand radical Islam in order to understand what is going on

First off, millions of people are caught up in their opinions and personal morals when in fact, they need to be informed about the facts. Believing that we should accept Muslims because of tolerance is a belief based on personal opinion which is run by emotion.

The main goal of radical islam is to conquer the nations for their god Allah by force. They believe that women are good for one thing only and at a very young age, so young tgat many of them either die because their bodies are not ready to handle it or obtain serious injury which prevents them from being able to procreate which means they are now useless. They also believe that those who reject Islam are their enemies but have a system where they still blend in and befriend all types of people only to decieve them by lying about their religion. In new year of this year many young women in Europe were raped after Islamist were brought in with a wave of refugees. They believe that the laws of the lands do not apply to them. If Allah says they can rape the women then they will disobey law any day.

What I have stated are all FACTS that I obtained from studying the Islam war against the west. I also studied some of the quran as well as became a member of Act For America. Act for America has a site with all the information you need to understand. It is founded by a xtian but she has made it clear that the organization is not based on religion but fighting to keep America free from Sharia Law. I use the site for information and believe everyone who ever questions the issue with Islam should read the information and pdf files from that site.

We have to ask ourselves if we choose the safety of our families and children or do we choose Islam. Because no nation is safe. I choose Americans over foreigners and feel they should be sent to the nations near their countries. Well those nations are already dominated by Islam so there is no need to send them there. They migrated to America and Europe and placed many ISIS soldiers among families so that the people would "feel sorry" for them and open their borders. This is a trojan horse tactic. If you read up on their strategy you will see how they believe our emotions and empathy are our weakness. They know exactly what they are doing and they know how to defeat us because they studied their enemy. 

"Islamaphobia" was a term created to instill a fear of social scorn onto the public. If anyone speaks against Islam they are accused of being Islamaphobic but there is a huge difference between being against something and fearing it

Radical Islam is scattered and can no longer be detained or stopped because we fought to bring them into our borders. We literally begged the enemy to come in and change our policies and take our women and children. Maybe we didnt realize it but according to Islamist, that's exactly what we did.

Study the war of Islam vs Christianity because to them, America is a Christian nation and they are at war with christianity. Also study their Sharia Laws because these are what they want enforced in the nations they take over

Of course we aren't to fear. Islamist fear death at the hand of a woman because it is a disgrace and they will not enter paradise if a woman kills them so empowered amd armed women are a huge weapon because to die for their cause is an honor except it being by a woman. We need more women in the military. Excuse me if I am all over the place, writing is not my talent

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OxC Sep 26 '17
In all honesty, it doesnt. At least in the Quran. The idea of the afterlife wasn't really fleshed out until the 12th century. Add to the equation that Peshmerga (one who faces death) are a tradition in Kurdish society; which is linked more to culture than to religion...going back as far as 600-700 BCE.

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mourningstar Dec 10 '17
Radical Islam is doing nothing Christianity (and every major religion) has not already done, or continue to do. Religions divide and conquer, as opposed to uniting and improving. Honestly, I think we should give their land back to them and allow them to run said land how they see fit.. The west needs to stop trying to (police the world) stop trying to westernize the globe, stop trying to spread democracy, etc. These are all examples of nonsense told to the public as a means of hiding the powers that be true agenda.. These (radicals) represent a very small minority of the Muslim faith.. If it happened to be the entire religion like most of the public believe and our news perpetuates, we'd have a full on war on our hands!..
Bismuthiel Dec 10 '17
I love how every time the subject of Islamic terror comes up some dickless milquetoast inevitably shows up with "BUT MUH CHRISTIANITY"

I give you a single bullet and a gun and put before you two dogs - a rabid pitbull snapping it's maw at you while howling and an old mastiff with no teeth that farts and sleeps in its own piss. What do you choose to shoot?

That was a trick question - the liberal faggot shoots himself out of misplaced white guilt.

Chiron Dec 10 '17
Not defending Muslim terrorists, but those niggas blow themselves up for the chance to kill some muthafuckas.
Chiron Dec 10 '17
Stop being a terrorist and build some schools and roads and stop being an asshole.
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Chiron Dec 10 '17
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 10 '17

The "Islamic problem" first begs the question, "Are they there for balance, or are they there to be a forest fire?" Both serve as regulators within dynamic systems. Call it an aberration of observing or indication of design, but this universe and all it's complex systems have an uncanny ability for self regulation and medians. 

Outside the balance it's all meaningless and interchangeable.

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Bismuthiel Dec 11 '17
Quote from AK47 Crowd-fund a statue of Baphomet. Baphomet statues solve everything.
The only thing that Baphomet statue actually accomplished was bilking a bunch of fools out of monies they clearly didn't deserve to have.

Hmm, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea in the end.

lordbeweismittel123 Member
lordbeweismittel123 Jul 15 '18
i say personally we should prevent alot of muslims from coming into this country only because a large portion of them are isis affiliated not all but alot so instead of banning all muslims we should ban a large portion of them in the united states
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 15 '18
I learned a new word. 

Every religion has that self serving bullshit going for it.  If you were to ask the proverbial  "powers that be" the important point is:  "What do you add to our society?" Preference here for compliant kool-aid drinkers to be the default.  Especially in the US.  

They want people who love "freedom", believe in "democracy", vote, pay taxes, and go to jury duty. They want people who see the US as an entity of benevolance and doing an obstensive "good" for the world. They want people who come for "The American Dream".  They want people who work and do what their supposed to. They want the obedient who call belonging to one of two opinions free thought. 

Religion only comes up if you have extreme views that dont reflect the above. 

It's the only thing keeping the identity as a Shangri la of sorts. Amazingly.

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One Eye
One Eye Aug 15 '18

The problem is overblown Muslim's don't present a threat to the power structure right now and the sporadic terror attacks they do commit are probably viewed as acceptable losses in the grand scheme of things. The goal is to prop up Western population decline and continue economic growth with new blood from all over the world including the Middle East and Africa but so far they have failed to do to them what they managed to do to Christianity which is assimilating it into consumerism they didn't succeed in turning these particular third worlders into mindless shoppers and porn addicts so far and this is causing turbulence  In the end really is the fault of white's for being a bunch of Panda's who refuse to reproduce forcing the system to compensate. 

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Winterbeard Jan 4 '19
I spent years in the middle East when I was younger,I knew nothing of islam, it was all bollox, it was created to control,that's all. Also there are different  factions who hate each other
Aug 23
I think that the Western political leaders intentionally welcome muslim immigrants as a measure to counter the sexual revolution. They want to have a majority of people to support the puritanical morality. Since they no longer can get it from Europeans / Americans, they invite the immigrants with such views.

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