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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 14 '21

'tis said the closer the end, the nearer the beginning.




And from the chaos arose primordial order that the children of the cosmos will not randomly end.


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 15 '21
That a secret forever concealed acausal time and place, that nothing ever truly ends.


Infernal Acumen Member
Infernal Acumen Oct 16 '21
"If a man of sound judgement appeals to his intelligence, he will hold cheap the various creeds and despise them. Do thou take thereof so much as Reason delivered (to thee), and let not ignorance plunge thee in their stagnant pool!"
~ Al-Ma'arri (973-1057)
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 17 '21
Not only has reason delivered unto thee, but more than reason itself is capable, while thou had bathed in stagnant waters down below there of pretentious ignorance.


Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Oct 18 '21
"Still only read half of one book, and you dont even understand it yet. Noob. You are a perma-noob. A noob, that hasn't the intellectual capacity to get out of eternal noobness."
Nutzack Mendez Esquire
"The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting different results." 

- Dr. Phil (If only I could apply it myself. :/)

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 19 '21

An impenetrable fortress enshrouded of the darkness where no light shall ever shine; sublime to thee this prison for the mind.


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 20 '21
And at some obscure point the great work was completed, as much as it could be, or needed be, the Scribe recounts, while in wait of near future excursions of the unknown.


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 22 '21
It's not the material that defines the reality, but the interactions of the consciousness with the informative energy stimulus that defines the material.


Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Oct 23 '21
"A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind."

- puritan, Robert Bolton

(And please keep in mind, friends, that once you let anything possess your mind, insanity is on the horizon.)

Phil_Lopian Oct 23 '21
Osho said:

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Oct 23 '21
Okay, I'm sold on this 31 year deceased dude.  We was very Aeonic-minded.  Sadly, the level here (with the most pretentious of folk) has become those that could watch his videos and never recognize it as LHP in any way.

Current video being watched. 

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 24 '21
But by the power of reason alone, can it not be seen that all things are eternal, and therefore, like God itself. Yes, and like God itself all things are bound the sea of forgetfulness. Eternity can have no memory.



Edit : removed 'to' after "bound"

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Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 26 '21
The time is short, and the beast comes with wrath, but there has been found solace in knowing there would be times, and times again, as there always have, and will, with no how or why?


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 27 '21

Those who are dancing may appear crazy to those who can't hear the music. Based off recollection, and then looked up the original below. 

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn't hear the music.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 28 '21
And from the zero(0) of the great nothingness that opened as an eternal mouth to utter the Logos; a feminine receptor to accept the magic of thy wand - 1


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 29 '21
If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have them, and any who have watched a fair amount of 911 recordings can observe a vast majority of incompetence and the downright stupidity of these 'so-called' emergency operators. They ask a lot of dumb, retarded questions, and ultimately, the response times are highly inadequate. There are only two people that I would prefer inquiry upon in the event my life depended on it : Smith, and Wesson.


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Oct 29 '21
That must be the shortened version of that song. I distinctly remember it being around eleven minutes. I checked it and it seemed alright, and didn't notice the time difference 'til after.
Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Nov 1 '21
There exist unspeakable acts of violence in the world, of torture, mutilation, and murder so horrific one can only wonder if it be merely incidental as an aspect of nature, or if free will really be that important.


Cornelius Coburn
Cornelius Coburn Nov 2 '21
If it was true, that in all of eternity, you only get one go, then I would say that some got a really shitty deal. I can't take anything away from that; only to say that it most definitely would defy the very definition of the sacred circle.


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