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Aborior Translatione
Naw, here is the ultimate "dying romance" song. 

And the quote of the day will be: "Two of the three kids that start and end this video are now dead". 


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Cornelius Coburn
Thank you, good one. I enjoyed remembering that, but I think the version in my head is a bit different.
Aborior Translatione
Lol.  No worries, That's more for those ideas of love people are conditioned to build up in their head and get raped by eventually. Innate fluffy believer stuff. See it all the time with folk around here and their succubi, ethereal soulmates, or whatever.  

Which is why my personal relationship song will always be this. 

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Cornelius Coburn
You inadvertently uncovered a gem digging in the dirt there, but this one makes more sense to me, and I'm done splitting hairs over how similar it is.


Cornelius Coburn
That one was so good and refreshing that this morning I swapped it with that Maureen McGovern shit that I posted last night during my altered state. Sometimes I just give up on the musical interrogation and make a choice, as redundant and boring as it might be at times, and some of these threads are also my playlists, so I try and make them as good as possible.
Cornelius Coburn
That Flying V that Zakk is using looks just like one that Randy used. For a while there I forgot how great of a guitar player Randy Rhodes actually was. He was one of the best, no doubt.
Infernal Acumen Member
"A lion is not a lion if it is only free to eat, to sleep, and to copulate. It deserves to be free to hunt and to choose its own prey; to look for and find its own mate; to fight for and hold its own territory."

~ George Adamson

This quote applies in an esoteric sense to the individual who newly discovers LHP religion(s). They can look the look and talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? 

EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Oct 10
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing"

Mickey Mouse

Cornelius Coburn
If you're going to do something, do it well, and leave something witchy.



- CM(not Canis Machina)

Cornelius Coburn
There really is no separation. It's coming from, and returning, to the same thing, although, as with most things, easier said, than done.


Nutzack Mendez Esquire

The random things I read about that I find vastly more interesting than demons and macabre identity tags. 

"The fifteen moving trucks took different routes to Indianapolis from Baltimore as a diversion tactic so that the Maryland State Police 
could not delay them until after the eminent domain law was signed. As each truck reached Indiana, the Indiana State Police met it and escorted it to Indianapolis—a process repeated until all fifteen vans had reached the destination."

Take that, Maryland legislature!

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Cornelius Coburn
The altered states stir the creativity of the writer. An artist may have the necessary tools to create a work of art, but without the motivation and creativity they are useless.


Infernal Acumen Member
"The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal".

~ Aristotle

What is naturally unequal shouldn't be artificially bolstered. Doing such sets what nature judged to be equal as unequal. Unsetting natures balance is what tips the scale against humanity in its course of survival; brings extinction ever closer.

Cornelius Coburn

The problem here is in equating the artificial with the unnatural.

There is nothing truly unnatural occurring in existence. 'Artificial' is used as a relative term to indicate an alternative to a generally accepted standard.

- or -

I could say that all initial organisms and material constituents are natural, and therefore all derivatives, thus 'artificial' serves as the threshold pertinent to a degree of change, but not unnatural.

- and -

Terms like 'artificial intelligence' are misleading. Artificial sweetener creates the sensation of being sweet even although it is not sugar cane, so while it may be referred as artificial in being man-made, but not unnatural where unnatural would serve a greater implication than that occurring outside, or beyond the scope of natures' status quo.

- so -

Ultimately 'artificial' becomes nothing more than a term to indicate a similarity as well as a difference and probably best used to distinguish the inorganic from the organic, but the mistake would be in equating the artificial with the unnatural.

Cornelius Coburn
Nothing really matters, and in the end it all goes away.


Infernal Acumen Member
"Evaluation of an idea must take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the idea independent of all other variables. To factor in the length of time or the social acceptance of the idea is to allow the flaws of logic to seep into one's thought processes."

~ Me

Cornelius Coburn

Now I'm just trying to wrap my head around evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an idea independent of any variables, when the variables themselves are what defines these strengths and weaknesses. Can these words have any meaning when taken in isolation? Why is it that I, or an idea is strong, or, weak? Just because I say so? The way I look? Perhaps attributes is preferable over variables, something, anything - like a Todd Rundgren album.

And furthermore, the time factor as well as the social acceptance associated with the ideas' strengths and weaknesses are in fact variables.

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Cornelius Coburn
I see at the end of the IA's quote is the affirmation of exclusion, whatever, it's still sloppy.
Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Oct 13
@CC. Very. I thought the same thing.

What he's trying to say is that to earnestly evaluate something, the time and social acceptance variables can't be present because it creates the flaw of logic. But the artsy attempt at wording is sloppy.

Cornelius Coburn
Rushing into the writing here can be a slippery slope at times, B, we mostly take our time, but trying new things as of late in the name of 'fun', and most things aren't perfect anyway, but we try.
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