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List of MOST of the Chapter heads

Ronald French ( Sarasota FL ) 
Danny Boss ( Las Vegas) 
Zach Black ( San Diego CA ) 
Justin Jekted ( Portland OR)
Jon Stidham ( Eugene OR) 
Clifford Cookman ( Springfield MO )
John DeVore ( England) 
Jordan Power ( Britsh Island )
Shawn Watt ( Grand Rapids MI ) 
Alexis Renee' Watt ( Grand Rapids MI )
Kenneth Tabor ( Central TX ) 
Henry DrShazbot Adams Jr ( New Orleans )
Paul Pauly C Carreon/SonOfJect ( San Francisco/Bay Area)
Shea Bilé ( L.A. CA)
Martin McGuire ( Springfield MO )
James St. James (St. Louis MO)
Titus Ahwsum (Baltimore MD)
AL Dragr (Connecticut )
Rob Graves (Dallas TX)
Johnny Watts ( Indiana)
Robert Gillis (Vancouver,WA)

Richard ( South Florida
Ezrel Tabiowo ( Nigeria )
Shane Pomales ( New Jersey )

Des Rozier Kat ( England )
Bradford Brooks ( Central PA )
Joe Oxford ( Tucson Arizona ) 
Quentan Devilman Byrne( Sydney Australia )

Ludwik ( North West England ) 

Belthasar ( Canton Ohio ) 

Aleister Kirby ( Tempe AZ) 

Erwin Mager ( Chicago ) 

SirAdam ( Knoxville, TN )

James AntiX ( Edmonton Canada ) 

Greg_Thomas ( Northern Missouri )

Keith O'Dwyer ( Ireland ) 


NICK218( Central Florida ) 

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Sep 8 '15
I have updated the list of chapter heads. I feel it is time to SLOWLY expend internationally. I wanted to make sure the bugs, fires and hick-ups were dealt with. I did not want to make the same mistake as TST and launch a shit load of chapters without thought as to who the chapter heads really are. Or gauge their level of competency.

Currently we are looking for chapter heads in Canada, Mexico, South America Australia and all of Europe. If you feel you got what it takes contact me. Requirements for chapter head is different than members. You will be required to talk to me personally via phone or skype.
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MaliceMouse Nov 6 '15
I was wondering about starting a chapter in Canada. I was quite shocked to see that we did not have one here.
666tifl Jan 16 '16
how do i get a membership card
Karverdreadmore Member
Karverdreadmore Jan 16 '16
Scroll up to the top and click on Membership in between Users and Live Chat.
Crystal Support
Crystal Nov 15 '17
I don't see a chapter head listed for my area, South Carolina or North Carolina. How can we go about resolving that issue? If no one is willing to step up to the plate, I am willing to put in a bid for that spot. 
entropicmomentum Nov 15 '17
The real question is if Zach takes the proper dues for Chapter Heads. If a purported Satanist is truly on the mark, then they know how to have resources. A chapter head should be able to contribute blood & toil and not just bluster.

Blood to the blood god.
Seemann Apr 8 '18
I wish that theres organization in South-Eastern Europe.
Eric Kelly Member
Eric Kelly Apr 8 '18
Well, I see a Tennessee chapter exists close to me....or maybe not as the chapter heads name is greyed out. What is the status of the Tennessee chapter?
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