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Owner/Admin Jul 23 '15
Chapter head responsibilities Include but are not limited to -

1.Coordinating events and meetups in your area.

  Basically to be a contact point for your chapter. Also making use of social media like facebook, youtube, twitter ect to promote your chapter. Announcing and plugging a meetup or event on the media outlets and here on the network.

2. Serve as a media contact spokesperson.

In the event there is a news report or interview in your area you would be the one do it most likely. It really depends on what it is about, who is conducting the interview, the format of the interview ( T.V./radio/podcast/email ect ). There are really a lot of variables to be taken into consideration as to if I would be accompanying you.

3. Helping out coordinating events for SIN as a whole.

Some of the projects we are working on will take the efforts of many of us to be successful. If for whatever reason you do not want to be part of a particular project that is fine. It is not required. But, I will say that even if you are the only person currently in your chapter everything helps. And your efforts will not go unnoticed. Also, if your chapter remains inactive for a long period of time I might turn over the keys to someone else. We all have lives to attend to. We all have problems to fix. I get it. And it would be nothing personal if I asked you to step down. The position of chapter head will require time, energy and possibly a little bit of money. Just something to consider before applying for a chapter head position.

Under construction. More to come.

Blacklemuria Member
Blacklemuria Jul 25 '15
My chapter always will be SIN, ready to meet up. If  there was something to happen, I'll be there to alert everyone. I have fresh water, and well here, wild game to hunt.

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Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Jan 16 '21
Agreed and Hail Satan ..
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