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saintbradford Sep 16 '15
Greetings.  I was recently (and a bit unexpectedly) appointed Chapter Head of Central Pennsylvania.  Though I was going to wait until after I finished school in December or January to really launch such an endeavor, I am more than willing to go ahead and start the first phase of this project by letting those in the area know that a SIN Chapter is forming and we're interested in meeting potential members of like mind. So far, we are just a chapter of two but we know there are others locally that walk the same path.

Unlike many of the other SIN Chapters springing up around the country, ours is not going to be of the "meetup" variety.  Our intention is to form an elite clandestine occult cell for the purposes of self-empowerment and performing rituals.  We're looking for substance and quality over quantity. In fact, we are only looking to find 9-12 intelligent, creative individuals to complete our circle.  This is not going to be a misfit club for freaks and losers and simply calling yourself a Satanist isn't going to cut it.

So, if there are any interested Satanists living in or around Harrisburg, the West Shore, Hershey, Lebanon or even as far away as Carlisle or York, we'd like to hear from you.  Please send me a pm and we can try to set up a meeting.  

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