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Shawn Sep 27 '15

Here's the debate:

Using the above video / song as the only information we have about Jimmy Buffet, is it reasonable to assume that Jimmy Buffet is a satanic musician?

Note that the debate is that Jimmy Buffet is or is not satanic (sharing the same mindset) and not that he is a Satanist (identifies as one).

Have fun. ;)

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Padowan Sep 27 '15
Defining characteristics of a Satanist:
• intrinsically motivated
• thinks for oneself
• lives life fully in self gratification, indulgence and pleasure
• culls out self-deceit and avoids ignorance and stupidity; uses common sense

Using the above criteria this song exemplifies Satanic traits.

Two verses caught my attention:
Hope the Inquisition remains a memory
I'll see you in heaven. I'll see you in hell. I'll see you in Rio. Only time will tell.

First verse: inquisition contains interesting connotations. There are plenty of examples to use to show repression of infidels. But the Inquisition used Evil and Magic as standards to destroy heresy.
Second verse: prior to the end we have no reference to an afterlife. This verse's inclusion is oddly placed. It can only serve to draw attention to the question of an afterlife; something a religious infidel would most certainly do.
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Shawn Sep 28 '15
Thinking of Wilhem Reich's influence on LaVey, the line "But we have to keep a lookout for those mean old backed up farts" makes a lot of sense.
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