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Owner/Admin Oct 1 '15
1. Left Hand Path Conference - Featuring Laurie 

Host is Zach Black  ( 09/30/15 ) 

2.Satanic Chapters in Southern California ? - Featuring Shea Bile 

 Host Zach Black ( 10/01/15 )

3SIN Southern California Chapters - Live - Featuring Shea Bile

Hosted by Zach Black ( 10/2/15 ) 

4.Satanism and Death Metal - Featuring Brian Werner singer of Vital Remains. Co-host Mike Cross. 

5. A Moment with Zach Black- Interview with the host Zach Black. Featuring THEDEMENTED1.

Up and coming show to be announced. Topic will be Satanism and addiction. 

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Troll Member
Troll Oct 18 '15
When will your next radio program take place? 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 19 '15

Quote from troll When will your next radio program take place? 
I see I have forgotten to update this thread. I believe the next show will be this week sometime. Likely Wednesday or Thursday. Typically around 8pm PST. I am uncertain as to if we will be doing a pre-recorded show and taking calls after, or if it will all be live. 

I know the topic is going to be Satanism and addiction. Guest will be Maguslutz SIN chapter head of New Jersey. 

Troll Member
Troll Oct 19 '15
I will try to attend in case it is live and will watch this space. Thanks!
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 8 '15

Quote from Troll I will try to attend in case it is live and will watch this space. Thanks!
Mr Troll. Next one will be 11/09/15 8pst . This will be live against my better judgement. If the live show is a bust due to technical issues I will post record it privately and re-broadcast it a few days later. 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 8 '15

We have a radio show. Next episode will be at 11/09/15 8pm PST. It is live. you can call in. This show will be about depression and addiction from a Satanist perspective. Zach Black will be hosting. Co-hosting is Joseph Joseph L Hall who works in the mental health field. You can also download this show and previous ones on the channel Satanic International radio on blog talk radio.

Here is the next up and coming show...

The Reverend(Father)
Greetings... I think I'm Family Spiritually speaking and Imdb backs my story now... is there an article, book or radio interview here...?

Msg if interested.

The Reverend

Born Satanist
Born Satanist Oct 25 '16
I take it this is now defunct???
XG17 Apr 12 '18

Now this takes me back...

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