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Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 5 '15
I am on the border of being in love with Edmund Kemper.  I can't stop reading about him and I'm in the process of writing him a letter, but I've heard he never writes back.  *sigh*

Does anyone else have a fav?  Or is into murderabilia?

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 6 '15
Yeah, I find serial killers interesting because I find the mind interesting. I don't know a lot about individual ones and quickly did a Wikipedia read on Kemper just then. I understand your fascination, although have only ever crushed on make-believe serial killers like Dexter and Sirus The Virus from Con Air (you have to admire somebody who is that efficient!). LOL.

I used to date narcissistic men and believe when I got married it was a subconscious, strategic move on my part to take myself off the market. It scared me how I  could pull a complete whacko off the internet within a week - highly intelligent, sadistic, narcissists... I believe we zeroed in on each other... Not healthy. I married a more normal man - someone I knew would never harm me... And then divorced him 7years later because I was going out of my skull with my mundane existence (despite our BDSM lifestyle). Plus I lost respect for him. I also think I've dated more than what would be statistically average, special forces, ex-special forces and ex mercenary types - some of them are hardcore and can no longer do normal and I lam comfortable with that.

Millsy, do you understand what it is you love about this fellow? And do you understand what it is in you that makes you seek such?
Rich6Belial6Wilkinson6 Member
The iceman is one of my favorites. I'm into macabre like murders.
Hartnell Dec 7 '15
Me ;)
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 7 '15
Hartnell, do you just like to see the lights go out or does the real party start once the corpse has cooled?

I'm not a serial killer, but I am a trophy taker... I love to read non-fiction and can do so for hours but when it comes to reading fiction I find it hard to maintain interest and rarely get past the first or second chapter - yet I love to write (must be a control thing - I am the God of the characters LOL). I did try to enjoy it and when I was in high school I even found a few fictions in the library which I actually finished - and then I would keep them. I still have them... I had three copies of one book. ...One is now missing :/ I thought about sending them back a couple of times but just couldn't bear the thought of it. About ten years ago I realised if I was ever going to make restitution it was going to have to be in the form of a cheque... But that never happened. So I still have my tropheys... tucked safely away in my bookshelf, tickling my subconscious and making me smile...

Which reminds me... Zach Black, may I borrow that new book you got?
Hartnell Dec 7 '15
I don't take their lives, I kill the person. The fun is seeing someone lick a psychic wound like a missing tooth. J/k. Heh ;)
Kanoics6 Dec 7 '15
Gandal Ghalom would have to be my favorite.
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 9 '15
@shadowlover.....the best sex I ever had was with a narcissist, lol.  I date boring guys, but I'm usually single and celibate.  I think I have social anxiety and so I spend way too much time by myself.  

Edmund Kemper is cool though.  He is extremely intelligent and very self aware.  He actually turned himself into the authorities after killing his mother which he believes was the victim he wanted to kill the whole time, the co-eds were just substitutes for her.  

I'm also fascinated by someone who could fuck a decapitated head....I mean I'm a weirdo but that is truly deranged.  I'm interested in psychology too, that's probably why I find that aspect of his killings so compelling.  I probably have the stupid wench syndrome...there's something sickening yet romantic about thinking of Eddy kiss me through the bars.  Could I be the one to catch his interest, when no one else has been able to???  I haven't sent the letter yet, I thought about sending him money for the commissary so he might be more inclined to respond to me.

Ok I'll check out Gandal Ghalom.

Scorsese is making 'Devil in the White City' - Leo is playing HH Holmes (America's 1st serial killer)  

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 9 '15
@Millsy... Lol. I understand what you are saying, although it depends on their particular type of narcissism - some are focused on themselves in such a way that they think they are a lot better in the sack than they actually are.

The thing I got out of dating narcissists might be slightly narcissistic in itself. When they are highly intelligent and controlling they will know everything about you and strategically fulfill all of your emotional needs. One I dated knew more about me than I knew about myself - I learned a lot from him. Their motivation is completely selfish but the result is pure bliss... For a while. The trick is to get out before you get caught in the sticky web of ecstasy designed to hold you comfortably while they suck on your soul!

Stupid wench syndrome is something that is hardwired into the instinct of all females. Lmao! It is to do with choosing strong mates to seed you.Some qualities are synonymous with what a female deems as strong, and others are triggered by a psychology response to what we have experienced in our past. Don't feel guilty about it - just understand your triggers.

As far as fucking severed heads - yeah that is deranged. Lol! But for a woman to have such a person in their corner, somebody who knows no limits, could be interpreted as strong and represent somebody who could protect you from the bad guys as well as deliver uncompromising seed. So I don't believe you are deranged for being attracted to such a thing.

And if you wanted to get really funky, you could sweet talk your next boyfriend into fucking a maniquin's head for you. Lol. Or just get some guy off the internet to do it!
MisterOwl Dec 15 '15
I don't know if I would call it having a favorite, but probably the one I am most fascinated by is Richard Chase.
Freeman Keller Member
Freeman Keller Dec 18 '15
Bar none, the Zodiac. He was smart, efficient, and not a rabid madman. He simply hunted humans with a gun-and once with a knife if I remember correctly. Plus the code he used when he wrote to the police was never cracked. Just an efficient killer. The kind of man a spec ops unit could use.
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 19 '15
I'm reading a book about serial killers now and this quote jumped out at me.

"What was clear was that Jack the Ripper was not some frenzied out-of-control individual, but someone who was able to disguise his insanity and appear normal to those around him.  Jack the Ripper was ushering in the twentieth-century phenomenon of the serial killer."

I think the idea of being able to disguise your insanity is what fascinates me the most about serial killers.  I always feel like I 'appear normal' to the world around me but have really odd thoughts and interests....

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 20 '15
@Serpent. Ah yes, Caligula - he was one twisted fuck! Knocked up his sister and ate the fetus! Royalty have always been strange. Stimulating story though.
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 23 '15
heard of him????  I've seen the movie :)
DEX Dec 23 '15
Mine has to be albert fish. He cooked a child and ate him as stew while compulsively masturbating. And when he died he had something like 50 sewing needles inserted into is scrotum. I fing his affliction to induce curiosity.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 23 '15
@Dex. I once pushed about a dozen hypodermic needles into a fellow's testicles. ...And I don't just mean under the skin - but straight in. I have a blood fetish and like sharp things, so although I'm submissive by nature it still makes my endorphins dance when somebody lets me disturb the integrity of their flesh.
Millsy Member
Millsy Dec 24 '15
whoa really???!!!  Damn girl.  Cock and ball torture lol
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 24 '15
Yeah, it was fun. It started out me wondering that if you did such if semen would leak through the hollow needles so it was just a curiosity thing. I am a very curious person! The fellow did a bit of research into safety and sent me a link and the next time I visited him we just did it. So although cock and ball torture isn't necessarily my thing, the opportunity came up so I took it! And poking needles in people is kind of addictive. I am now curious to see what would happen if a guy ejaculated while he had needles in his testicles. (Just putting that out there... LOL).

Millsy, it's probably a good thing you and I don't live close to each other. I think we would be terrible influences on each other.  : ) LOL.
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