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ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 3 '16

Quote from J.D DeVore You can't consider "Pearls befor Swine" to be an accurate portrayal of Rice's world views. "Pearls befor Swine"  tells the fictional story of a hit-man called Daniel played by Boyd Rice. The character, Daniel, as well as being an assassin he is a neo-nazi, a sadomasochist, a science fiction geek and a little bit of a drug fiend. The film was written and directed by a man called Richard Wolstencroft. Rice had nothing to do with the writing, he just did the acting and soundtrack. 
that clip and other philosophical/ideological bits is from his world view, have you ever heard his interviews, or is what he says in them also just made up? have you ever heard of type casting? The Daniel character's words in certain cases was boyd rice type casted....especially in that clip, remember he more or less said the same thing when he appeared on "Race And Reason".
ol' grimey
ol' grimey Apr 3 '16

Quote from J.D DeVore

that clip and other philosophical/ideological bits is from his world view, have you ever heard his interviews, or is what he says in them also just made up? 
Actually, yes. Rice is a well known prankster and he has been since he was a child. One of the thing Rice loves doing best is giving it the old "Sieg Heil" in public and having a good laugh over the aftermath. When Rice appeared on "Race and Reason" he said that many other musicians in the neo-folk and industrial scene were open supporters of the Neo-Nazi movement. This drove his contemporaries mad and in order to stop him self being permanently black listed from the music scene Rice had to come clean and admit that it was all a joke. Its rather funny how since then he's been a bit calmer about the whole "14/88" thing since then. Take a moment to consider that "Pearls befor Swine" is just another appearance of the edgy fascist character Rice appears to be playing on and off for years. It's also worth noting that in the film he talks a little fondly of Nietzsche at one point, on his Facebook page a while back he said that he strongly dislikes Nietzsche and considers him to be overrated. 

Rice is and always has been a Social Darwinist and an elitist but is he a Nazi? No. Is he a Fascist? No. Does he use the same aesthetics and these movements? Yes. Is he knowledgeable about these movements? Very. Is he trying to piss people off? Yes. 

Quite so. Boyd, the quintessential devil in the role of trickster. I had said in the very first that it was aesthetic for him. Thinking on what you said  about his taken the piss, as it were, I'm guessing his grail bloodline lineage also is a jibe at those who believe in a grail bloodline; their own as well as in general and not actually tracing his own roots to the Merovingian line?  That one had definitely smelled of ham to me, but meh.
Charles Apr 4 '16
and so Boyd Rice is merely a scapegoat, not a Nazi..?
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Apr 5 '16

Quote from ol' grimey

this is another good link


You are making this thread look like shit. If you can not use decent grammar and punctuation do not post. If you can not figure out how to embed youtube video then do not post. 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 3 '23
I think the bottom line is this.  Is Boyd Rice a Nazi ? Nazis are German Nationals from 80 years ago . I don't reckon there are many of those well dressed men running around anymore.  Shame .  But even if some of his political, social or philosophical views seem a little to ' Nazish' who gives a fuck. 

So no Boyd Rice is not a Nazi. Boyd Rice is something far more terrifying, profound and glorious than the Nazis could have  ever created. 


Boyd Rice - Total War

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Zakkary Feb 28
It has become more and more of a challenge over time to define 'nationality' and 'State'. Nowadays there are far too many powerful agendas at work, both financial and political. Ukraine is an interesting example, a Jewish president with a military consisting of what appears to be a 'Nationalist Neo Nazi' regiment to varying degrees being funded and assisted to fight Russians who are very much the same race, religion and culture....?
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