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Panick Member
Panick Mar 21 '16

Conquering fear, exuding hate

I confront nightmares that won't abate

to rebuild my chosen battlefield

forsaking choice my fate is sealed

every urge to run I must defy

to look this monster in the eye

and strike 'till blood is all I taste

laying my former self to waste

It's death would finally see me whole

for it surely would condemn my soul

to a life of pitiful servitude

my pound of flesh at last is due

Shedding skin tied to the ground

I embrace the light in me I've found

to live a life of lies without

and rise from ashes strewn about

the cremated corpse of past belief

an end to unrequited grief

I stand within this flame of black

Opposing that which would have me back

and tread along this left hand path

unafraid of invoking wrath

from a mythological deity

that would surely see the end of me

in hopes that others would decide

to participate in deicide

unlocking chains used to bind

the potential of the human mind

using reason as the key

to finally becoming free

and embracing wisdom's sea of wealth

for the god you save will be yourself

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Mar 21 '16
Love it! Well written.
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