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Aphotic Jun 11 '16


My name is Coleton and I'm just promoting a few recent pieces of mine.  I'm a tattooer inspired by the Dark Arts of course,  and enjoy creating dark imagery.   Just sharing with fellow kinds.  If you're interested in purchasing prints, let me know. Thanks! Ave Satanas.

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ManxLoaghtan Member
ManxLoaghtan Jun 14 '16
Very nice art work...loving the bottom left piece; Demon with skull tied to his back! Baphomet is awesome.   
Aphotic Jun 15 '16
Thank you ManxLoaghtan,  appreciate the kind words!  
gamerguy666 Jun 15 '16
Wow really well done, The top left baphomet is in my opinion the best. It would be a kickass tattoo.
Aphotic Jun 17 '16
I've saved my whole front torso for a big Baphomet,  I'd love to tattoo one.  Thank you for the kind words,  I greatly appreciate them.
gamerguy666 Jun 19 '16
You are very welcome and you must have worked hard to get so good at what you do. 
TheMystic Support
TheMystic Oct 1 '17
Very Impressive.

ccline Sep 4 '18
Wow....That is really good! I am in love with the bottom right one
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