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Knightravyn Aug 28 '16
Well, I am not very good at these introductions or just speaking about myself but here goes nothing....

I am 42, live in Las Vegas but moving to The Oregon coast (most likely) in the next year...   

Considered myself a Satanist for most of my life but I was raised in a Tradition of Witchcraft called Shadakism by my very eccentric aunt Helen, I have lately found myself very drawn back to the way I was raised, most notably "The Sacred Journey" which is a part of the degree system I was raised with and is basically reading a series of devotionals/meditations and instructions that various family members have decided to put pen to paper on and allowing ourselves to be led/guided for self and world improvement, I know, sounds very right hand path and it is!

Satanism as I understand it and The Sacred Journey are not compatible because one speaks of love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, etc etc and the other one speaks of thse things if so desired or within reason..

And yet I remain very torn.   

Satanic Witch?      Dislike the word Warlock, again just how I was raised, I also don't like the word Queer or Faggot even though I am totally gay..

Well, I am a HUGE foodie, love to cook and eat out, Vegas is the place for that for sure but need to get home to the rain, miss it very much, I practice Dice LIving (Google is your friend) and I am newly single and looking forward to whatever that means.    Oh and I am a writer and did better on this introduction than I thought I would

Thanks for reading!

Luciferi Baphomet
Luciferi Baphomet Aug 31 '16
You are lucky that you were raised to learn about Witchcraft. I was raised to learn about christianity by a psychopath step mom. My step mom threatened to kick me out of the house for choosing the path of satanism. She said she would send me somewhere far far away.
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