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S.I.N. San Francisco Bay Area, California Chapter

S.I.N. San Francisco Bay Area, California Chapter

All SINners wishing to meet up, network, or share local events and hang out in your area please join. Users, please feel free to post any local events or ideal spots in your area to meet up and socialize. You can also link this group page to any facebook-related groups outside of this network hub.

General Group Rules and Guidelines:

*Posting--The posting of personal/private information is at the discretion of each individual, subject to site's admin moderation. Discreet meetups or any kind of networking of that nature should be handled via PM on this site.

*The group Chapter Leader is available to help in coordinating events and meetups of large groups. For the SF Bay Chapter, all members with Satanic International membership cards can get exclusive member benefits. Private message me here @sonofject for more details. 

*Chapter Leader is also available as a media liaison or spokesperson for any media events pertaining to Satanism. In our neck of the woods, the focus is primarily Public Relations for Satanism-related news and current events. As a CL I will be working closely with Zach and all the other California group leaders to consolidate our resources.

*SF and the general Bay Area is a hotbed of political and social activism. For those inclined, you can use this group as a resource to conduct activities such as protests or political campaigns, etc. Coordinate with the Chapter Head to discuss logistics or any projects that you want Satanic International to represent. We have a nationwide reach and are expanding globally. It's up to us to put the stamp down for the organization as a whole.  

*Any questions or problems feel free to email me below:

Hub contact/SIN Chapter Head:

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