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    Lilipucik - An Antinomian Bedtime Story

    Today, my auntie told me a diabolical story she read in some shitty
    tabloid newspaper. It’s a true story, she said, and of course, I believe
    Albert Resigned
    Feb 19 '18
    Cock in California English means dick/penis :) AK, I think "Lilipuchik" would be a cute name for your penis, given the meaning!
    Feb 21 '18
    Worst dick joke ever.
    Mar 31 '18
    A charming little folk tale with some arch features. I wonder what became of the soup? I will read more of your stories.
    Jul 6
    >husband murdering wife: check > indirect fetishism toward penis removal: also check >male imprisoned for being mentally ill: bingo. If you put this in screenplay format you could likely win an indie film festival.
    Jul 6
    I might try it. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Dark Enlightenment
    Jul 6
    Make sure to add the bitch wife deserved to die for wanting to breed and standing it the way of his gender dissolution and new identity.
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