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    Hate speech is free speech
    "... That certain persons
    simply will not like you no matter what you do. Then that most
    nonaddicted adult civilians have already absorbed and accep...
    Mar 30
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    Mar 31
    Sorry, mom :(
    Tkwilliams Member
    Apr 1
    I agree, very well articulated. I have been repeting " freedom isn't safety far to often lately.
    Apr 9
    Funny shit
    Apr 16
    >seeing the world for what it is and not what it ought to be
    Apr 16
    That's probably the only reason I'm a Satanist. It's mentally healthy. Who else can compare notes like we do.
    Apr 17
    Unsurprisingly there's not a whole lot by way of note-comparing to be had. 90% of the fun to be had in this sort of venue lies in clubbing derps like baby seals.
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