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    Nick218 » Nick218 To be a Satanist, one must swear themselves to the anti-cosmic gods, and to their brothers and sisters. The Satanic creed is as follows: I acknowledge Satan as my king, father, and god. I will swear myself to the anti-cosmic gods. I believe in the truth that is beyond all forms, and I believe the wisdom that shall destroy all lies. I realize that there is a battle between Chaos and order, and I realize my part in the battle. I believe in Chaos, the origin and end of all things, and declare Satan as the outer aspect of my inner might. I look forward to the dissolution of the cosmic order and the beginning of a new dark aeon. I believe in power without end, and will sacrifice all upon the bloodstained altar to the dark gods. I praise the dark gods with my heart and soul, and I await the final battle and the victory that will come. Hail Tiamat! Hail Satan! Hail Chaos!
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