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    Could Transhumanism be considered a "Satanic" endeavour? This is a topic that I have been
    interested in for quite some time, and am interested ...
    Dark Enlightenment
    May 26 '20
    @ Riverside Cunt - Really? People are still around? The genderfluid anti-bully brigade hasn't fucked everything into oblivion yet? It's the best way to test ones metal, afterall... that still a thing?
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    Aborior Translatione
    May 26 '20
    I don't think he really means to shit talk, he is just out of "Southie whores" and "figure skating trans-folk" to blame...
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    May 27 '20
    While I do not mind seeing people edit genes to enhance one's physical and mental capabilities, I disagree with the idea that we should replace our body parts with mechanical ones.
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