I'm looking to learn different kinds of Magic.


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    Dear Windmill
    I reckon I don't need to preface this given the occulty people writing love letters to devils and priestesses running about.

    Use your imagination....
    Dark Enlightenment
    Nov 6
    Sorry, that was no longer relevant to this.
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    Left-Handed Traveller
    Nov 9
    Yes, VAR is pathetic. I mean, offside by an armpit? Thousands of fans kept in the dark while a bunch off plonkers look at 37 different images. It ain’t working as it is.
    3 hours ago
    @DE: By The Way, Your Profile Does Not Fit The Emerging Public! Let Me Guess, Hmmm this is true :D
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    New Here
    Hi All !! I am new here. I am a 58 y/o former Christian Priest Theologian of 35+ yrs. Took me some hard time and work to get through the Abyss and to ...
    Hello! I'm new here, i'm from Earth and i'm looking to make some good friends who can help me to lea...
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    Nov 8
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    The Master Builders
    The Master Builders
    Books, installations, or developers without burden, the strategic and economic qualified performance , all with powerful advantages. You acquire these...
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    Zach Black

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