My philosophy in the form of poetry

Man's world

This Is A Man’s world (Remastered)
Poem Inspired From The Title of James Brown

This is a Man’s world
B.C, before his plans, his dreams, his naked genuineness unfurled
Ingenuity of the presence of domination, his stance in A.D reality
The first man of this realm, a loyal devoted trustee
Autonomous of this world’s essence
His lab formulated pestilence
Cries ringing out, western civilization, bullets spraying from his manmade weapons

This is a Man’s world
His passion, his sphere as he roams, his pearl
Summit of intellectual minds
Yet, peace so disquiet to unify in this perilous day and time
His wondrous deeds, his powerful drive to rule, his downtrodden greed
The right hand of God’s biblical creed
Fruitful of his loins as he spills forth his sacred seeds

This is a Man’s world
Artificial Intelligence he secretly creates
Cloning the new superior being due to one day populate
The New World Order in clusters of allegiance
Wonders, Gifts, Power, Fame, bow unto the horned goat, offerings of pain without bodily wince
The downfall of man and his wicked toys
Branded by his patents, deemed to destroy the fertile brain cells of unexpected girls and boys

This is a Man’s world
Comforting his pockets, gold, conflict diamonds, the minerals of earth he has on lock
Pharmaceutical companies, escalating portfolio stocks
Mass hysteria outbreaks, panic he brings, counting dollars, those die without those mandated ill-fated shots
Hands that created the ticking clock
The suited man who governs the Armageddon code when the bombs drop

This is a Man’s world
Man preaches from divinity’s scrolls from which he stands
Holy book closed, secrets of the sins his mind, body carnally demands
His forefather’s blood, rage, seeps from the untilled lands

This is a Man’s world
Wars, famine, hunger, turning blind eyes, suffering unto the children without reprimands
The gem of his family jewels, may he bear good fruit society can comprehend, withstand
Knowledge and wisdom, found within the mind to doth good of the hands

This is a Man’s world
A wandering whoremonger with several mouths to feed, absence to provide the feast
Unknown colonizing from not wearing a barrier suit in his heated sexual meet
Left in anguish uprising generations, the softer gender we must bear
Another family name he gives unto, not even batting an eye, or raising a hair
No concern, no cares
More love for one, and none for the other to spare

This is a Man’s world
But yet it’s nothing without a woman or a girl
I just hope, that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief...because there will be so much to look forward to.


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