I totally believe in, and worship at the feet of Lucifer. I believe him to be VERY real, and without reservation, I do willingly bow to Him in full submission and lay down my life at his feet and I do willingly dedicate it fully to Him. I do willingly, and fully surrendering solely to Him, for all eternity, complete, limitless, unbridled authority over every aspect of my utter existence, all the way down to the tiniest particle of my being,
I belong to Him completely, and I do willingly, and completely give Him 100% power & control over my life, so that he may come in, and take control any time He pleases, and He may use me, and my body any time he pleases. For all eternity I desire nothing more than to always be filled with His evil, sinister, dark spirit. He will violently destroy anything, or anyone who tries to come between us, His wish is my command. I will put NOTHING before him. I willingly give him my soul, so I may become one with the Great Satan, and join His powerful, evil force fighting in opposition to anything thought holy, I vow to live a life of blasphemy, remain chemically dependent, stay sexually deviant, and in His name, For Him, I will continue to spread my toxic seed anonymously sharing it with ANYBODY I can. When my days here are done, my one last request is that my dear Satan will embrace me at the gates of hell, and violently fuck me up the ass, allowing his massive, lethal, evil cock to split me in half, before he throws me in that Great Lake of Fire, with my brothers and sisters who also devoted their evil, blasphemous lives to serve him.

* * * * * * * * * *
ots of questions,willingness to sit back, shut up, listen, and

He is, and will always be the center of my being, my reason for being alive in this realm, and my number one mission in this life is to be of service to him in any way he chooses, at his leisure, any time, any where, without reguard for anything that may be interruption.
For all eternity he shall have full authority over my body, full authority over my mind, full authority over my spirit. For all eternity He is in control, and I belong only to Him, and exist to serve him, at his pleasure.

all the way down to the tiniest particle of my being to Him,. I do willingly give to HIM full authority beg him to use me in ANY wayevery part of my heart body and soulwillinglyEVERYTHING to HIM! I dedicate

BEG to be filled with your evil, sinister, dark spirit, break down all barriers, and allow me to to become one with the Great Satan always working as a powerful force in opposition to the one those imbasuls aroforceon't have many answers, but lots of questions, and a willingness to sit back, shut up, listen, and LEARN. Hopefully someday I will be qualified enough to actually be asked to participate.


John Dumas
Dominic Cross
In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas 666
WorshipBro Support
Ferid322 Support
Belial Satanas 666
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Jan 16 '22
i do
Sep 5 '20
Hey ms. me


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