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  • May your Solstice holiday be spent with loved ones in merriment, inviting the death of the year and ...
    · Dec 21 '14
  • · Oct 31 '14
  • The Autumn Equinox is upon us! The season of maturity and wisdom; of crisp air, falling leaves, and...
    · Sep 23 '14
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  • JamesSTL Chapter Head
    HEY word of advice stay away from the STS .. THE whole structure is BULLSHIT .. There second in command doesn't know what he is doing .. there's a lot of plagiarism going on also. I just kept my mouth shut f*** that Society
    Oct 4 '14
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    Dark Enlightenment
    Nov 24 '22
    And especially stay away from STS-51-L and STS-107. Those were the bad ones. Sorry, nerd joke. I actually have little idea what you're talking about and can only guess an STS is akin to a TST.
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