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    LGBT Satanists
    LGBT Satanists
    This group is intended for the LGBT satanic community. Although I am neither LGBT I figured I would make a group for the rest of you. 
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    Paul Ross Fletcher
    Orgasmic Karmatic.
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    Good news, Slipknot is releasing a new album here in October. I think the two singles they released are really good. Unlike some trollers(I think they are) who like the band, biggest fans they say, and hate the song The Devil in I.
    Sep 16 '14
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    Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
    Sep 13 '14
    Ah.. I have been sitting patiently waiting for this album all year long. Slipknot's been my favorite band for ohhhh.. -counts- 13 years.. Damn, I think I just aged myself.
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  • Lilium
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    Word Association Game 2.0
    Back in the old SIN forums, there was a neat little topic thread that turned epic in participation. Rules are pretty simple: post a word or short phra...
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