I am Father Thorn, High Priest of The Ebon Order Of Hell's Revenants and Scribe of the Satanic Grimoires THE BLACK BOOK OF CONJURING and THE HIDDEN GRIMOIRE OF SATAN.
I am a Theistic Satanist with a strong leaning toward Traditional Satanic Witchcraft and Diabolism.
I do not make friends easy but enjoy the role of Guide, Teacher and Priest . . . I seek others here who are dedicated to the path of Traditional Satanism and Black Magick.
I have a firm belief that the Aeon of Our Lord Satan shall rise through the Gateway of woman and that the Priestesses of Satan need to be elevated as they shall be integral to the rise of the Infernal Epoch.
I also know - through union with Satan that there shall be a High Priestess who the legacy of The Hidden Grimoire Of Satan shall be left to in time to come.
I have not time for trolls, lightbearers or those who seek to undermine the work of Satan ~ those who fall into such categories shall be blocked and forgotten about within minutes!
I am dedicated to My Lord Satan and the Demons of Hell and desire to exalt His Work on all levels!

Ave Satanas
Father Thorn
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Jan 4 '18
Welcome Brother hope to speak soon Ave Satanas!


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