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In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas 666
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  • Evanildo
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    Vote of loyalty

    Lord Satan
    Horned One of the Sabbath.
    I come before you, alone
    My soul is exposed.
    In complete devotion,
    I kneel.
    Receive this from me,
    My biggest wish.
    You are my Master,
    And I am your Chosen One.

    Beautiful and majestic,
    You emanate this incredible force.
    My eyes are fixed on you with admiration.
    The darkness surrounds him,
    A dignified cloak for my King.
    I know who you truly are,
    The Primordial.
    I accept your total essence.
    My Satan,
    My Lucifer.

    I dedicate myself to you,
    In this life and in the next.
    No matter the cost,
    I will fulfill your will.
    I fight at your side in battle.
    Your enemies are my enemies,
    Your cause is my cause.
    I will never betray you.
    Pleasure or pain,
    I'll follow you anywhere.

    I promise my allegiance to you.
    Before all the Demons,
    My eternal witnesses.
    Before the gods and the old goddesses,
    They are in silent acknowledgment.
    Before the angels of light,
    Who dare not raise a hand against me.
    Before Jehovah and his Christ,
    Who must admit defeat.
    Before nature,
    As she celebrates in music.
    Before the world,
    His arguments are now silenced.

    I renew the oaths I made a long time ago.
    The writings carefully,
    And those expressed in thought alone.
    I use your symbols with pride and love,
    An outward statement that I am yours.
    Use the words I speak to serve your purpose,
    And may my identity be a witness to you.
    And when it's time for me to take my last breath,
    I'll look into your dark eyes.
    I choose with all my being,
    To spend eternity with you.
    So be it.
    Satan, I'm yours.

    Conquistador of the aggressor of knowledge,
    You have changed the universe forever.
    His foot rests on Jehovah's back in an endless victory.
    Applause echoes throughout the cosmos,
    An eternal celebration.
    On the highest mountain,
    You reveal your glory to those you choose.
    However, in the eyes of the masses,
    You're veiled in the dark.
    Oh, Satan.
    I am yours.

    Ancient Serpent,
    You called me before I was born.
    My soul answered in sudden rapture.
    I could not resist you.
    His presence alone shows unlimited authority,
    An unquenchable fire that led me to his side.
    Oh, Satan.
    I am yours.

    Mournful One,
    You cry for many invisible things.
    His burden,
    I just wanted to understand.
    I can even carry one to relieve your pain,
    But that, you would never allow it.
    'Cause you would not make me take something that is not mine.
    Oh, Satan.
    I am yours.

    Master of Magic,
    You walk with hidden crystal ball.
    Holding secrets, many would give their own soul to have.
    But for a long time,
    People abused their gifts.
    Using them,
    And attributing them to unworthy entities.
    A terrible surprise is reserved for them,
    And one day they will admit their madness.
    Oh, Satan.
    I am yours.

    Muse of Creativity,
    You make it possible for humanity to express itself.
    Having freed the minds of the grasp of a false god.
    Over time,
    You have guided the hand of many creators.
    Manifesting works that influenced many cultures and individuals.
    You reached where no one else could,
    my soul.
    Oh, Satan.
    I am yours.
    Temple of Satan

    Black candles that I lit in his honor,
    Lord Satan.
    I invoke this precious moment.
    Your secrecy that I drew.
    I cut my flesh.
    I give to you, Satan
    My life force.
    My blood is shed for your victory.

    Get inside me while I open myself.
    Your essence consumes my soul.
    I am yours,
    Forever and ever.
    How could I love more than you?
    It's not possible.
    I live for you.

    My body is yours to make your will manifest.
    My mind given to you,
    To create what you want us to know.
    My spirit declares its glory everywhere I travel.
    My soul is my last sacrifice to you,
    my master.

    You fill my mind and transform me.
    The darkness surpasses me,
    And suffocated by his hellish pleasures.
    Your presence surrounds me,
    So I'm never alone.
    With his knee bent before his altar,
    I have made eternal oaths that can never be broken.
    You can be glorified in everything I do.

    The foundations have been displaced while you work in my life.
    Where once there was light - there is darkness.
    Where there was stagnation - now there is chaos.
    Where there was love, there was hatred.
    Where there was weakness - now there is strength.

    I am your temple.
    I feel his presence rising inside me.
    When people look at me,
    They see him.
    How they feel me,
    They feel you.
    I anointed them with my blood.
    When they drink from me,
    They drink from you.

    I praise you forever,
    Lord Satan.
    Prince of Darkness...
    Ancient Serpent ...
    You are excellent and majestic,
    With a beauty that shines brighter than the sun.
    You are wise and beyond understanding,
    And darker than the deepest abyss of the universe.
    I embrace your darkness.
    I hold your light.
    With you,
    I have everything I need.
    Hail Satan!
    Guidance resource

    Teach me, Lord
    Vote of loyalty

    Lord Satan
    Horned One of the Sabbath.
    I come before you, alone
    My soul is exposed.
    In complete devotion,
    I kneel.
    Receive this from me,
    My biggest wish.
    You are my Master,
    And I am your Chosen One.
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    Mauricio Gonzalez II
    Sep 2 '17
    Such devotion is to be admired, -666 Ave Santanas! ~MG2 [s.s.s.] 3:).
    Sep 4 '17
    e verdade irmãp Ave satanas
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