I am interested in reading many different genres of books and articles and listening to many different kinds of music. Just so long as it isn't pop, rap, or country, I'll listen, though my favorites are the many types of metal and rock.

I've recently started playing the guitar, and I love it. So far I only have an acoustic, but will soon obtain an electric so I may play my desired metal sound.

Oh, you're still reading this, eh?

See my instagram for more pictures and faster message response.

Thanks for reading.


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Oct 11 '17
No. Been busy with family nonsense and work. Well, lately just trying to find work and being trapped at home with a sprained ankle. Any suggestions? Now that I have some time, a little searching could do me some good.
TheMystic Support
Sep 28 '17
Alvin, not far at all. Have you found your tribe yet?

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