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    Demo Faith
    What's a simple demo of faith? What I mean by that is what's an easy way to demo(strate) faith? A demo is a demonstration, something you can actua...
    I think a good demo faith is to be cruel with the one who deserves, or to be compassive with our lov...
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    Concepts About the Universe
    What's your fundamental concept about the universe? Example: It's big, really really big,Example: It was sneezed into existence by, well, something t...
    I think that the Universe is an ongoing explosion, there are no statics things in it, all is in move...
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    Jul 31 '14
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    Hi im new here
    Hello, I am Mao, im from Colombia, im 26 years old and im learning about satanism and I identified as a Satanis, im Atheist, and i like Marxism, and f...
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    S.I.N. San Francisco Bay Area, California Chapter
    S.I.N. San Francisco Bay Area, California Chapter
    All SINners wishing to meet up, network, or share local events and hang out in your area please join. Users, please feel free to post any local events...
    Total users: 18
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