Over the course of our lives we have sustained injuries, become infested perhaps, sickened, succumb to our wounds, or simply to age; it is impossible to escape deterioration and yet we try in our best attempts to defy the doom of mortal corruption and instead use it as a source of our strength and inspiration.
Disease and physical corruption is upon us from cradle to grave all things no matter how strong or secured falls from this physical corruption and entropy in the end; the whispered prayer of a parent over a fever struck child, the anguish plea of a dying man or woman for one more day of life take these as inspirations to be stronger.
Each inevitable ending brings with it an equal certain start to something new when a man dies; life in a form of bacteria and maggots emerges from his entrails, and from these maggots birds feed on them to their newly hatched chicks, and from these chicks other animals feast upon them until the cycle begins again there is no ending that does not result in a hope of renewal.
Many of us sees disease corrupts and brings destruction to all; to a small extent we are correct but our evaluation lacking and fails to grasp the greater truth that life is struggle and erosion to face the dawn is to await the dusk and in return to endure the night.
The rotting of a limb or the explosion of his or her entrails, or simply his or her death it can be difficult to accept that these are blessing to those who will feed and grow upon the corpse each death sustains life and new hope for sustenance

No life avoids decay.

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