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Traditional Satanists
A group for anyone here that follows Traditional or Spiritual Satanism
283 members
Atheistic Satanists
This group is intended for atheistic, modern and self styled Satanist.
308 members
Sexual Magicks-Satanists
for those who employ the use of sex magick in their rituals, or want to learn how.
217 members
SIN Sydney/Australia chapter
keeping the aussies informed
10 members
Inland Empire Satanists Bookclub
Are you located in or visiting the Inland Empire area of California? If so, think about discussing your beliefs and favorite Satanic readings with like-minded individuals at local IE spots.  We meet in public locations for the safety of the group, as well as to attract others who may be curio...
9 members
Satanic National Socialist Group
Are you a son or daughter of Satan that sees Satan as father of the land/reich?  Do you desire to find other Satanists of National Socialism?  Come join this political group with inclusion of the GBLT, all races, and nationalities!   Must follow rules of the site.
10 members
I need an Albanian satanist
1 members

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