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Atheistic Satanists
This group is intended for atheistic, modern and self styled Satanist.
329 members
Satanic Romance
A group created with the intention of developing relationships in real life. Many people have met on this network. Including myself and the married couple I live with. I would start by adding info and a picture of yourself. Do not forget to include where you live an what you are looking for. 
275 members
Sexual Magicks-Satanists
for those who employ the use of sex magick in their rituals, or want to learn how.
249 members
Chaos/Atheistic Satanism
This group is for people who believe, study, practice, or follow the Philosophies and Ideologies of the Chaos Theory, and LaVeyan Satanism. Ave Satanas!
18 members
Atheistic Satanist Meet Up - Republic of Ireland
This group is for those with an interest in sharing philosophies about satanism, sharing knowledge and helping others grow on their journey down the left hand path. Meets ups, beer and just plain fun. Helping the community grow in our small Isle.  
10 members
Satanic International Network Central Florida Chapter
This is a place for Satanists of Central Florida and who ever else want to join . All are welcome but  this chapter is of Theistic Satanism ,Anti-Cosmic ,Mlo 218 182 108 O.N.A teachings . 
21 members

Satanic International Network was created by Zach Black in 2009.
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