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Fun, like minded Satanists to chat and explore ideas. Joy to the Flesh!
14 members
Fight Club
As the name implies. General debate, mudslinging, and whatnot.
10 members
Vagina Monologues - Why 1980's Satanism was more Satanic
 To discuss the downfall of modern Satanism, and the disappointment of its ranks.
3 members
Black Sun / Black Flame
Picture is of a stone carving of 2 suns.
2 members
Elitist Satanist ( using Lucifer for earthly power )
Satanism is a religion that is related to social Darwinism. Through the act of self development - improving our knowledge, power, income, social network we remove ourselves from the mercy of chance and becomes master of circumstance.
2 members
The Contract Website Link
I saw on a television show about the blood pact with Satan it was tv show Paranormal witness apparently there's a link some people have access to it I try to google search it but cannot find it does anyone have it or know of it?
1 members
Saytenic light
Lets find out the light togather lets go deep into each other
2 members

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