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Margaret Poole
Margaret Poole Feb 21 '16
 I searched for another such thread specifically for wicked wordsmiths but did not see one, so here it is:

Are there any other writers here?

What do you write? Essays, poems, stories, articles, etc.

What are your preferred subjects to write about?

Does your Satanism factor into your writing?

Do you write for work, pleasure or both?

What are you currently writing?

I write, prefer the subjects of horror, true crime and occult sciences but you name it and I write it; from personal essays, to poetry, to scripts, flash fiction, short stories etc. Yes my Satanism factors into my work insofar as themes, characters, even names used. I write for both purposes (work and pleasure) as it is a passion, definitely intend to make writing for money account for more of my income this year ;-/ I am currently editing one splatterpunk horror story and started on another with an occult detective theme.

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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Feb 22 '16
Hi Margaret! I see myself as a writer, though not a Satanic one. I have published on Amazon under two different pen-names - one for sweet romances and one for my harsher stuff. To date that has just been supernatural erotic short stories, mainly written because I wanted to familiarise myself a little with the industry and build a fan base befor I released my greater works. No doubt though I will eventually write an erotic series about sex with demon lovers! Yum! I love monster sex!

My fave thing however is writing dark stuff, but by that I mean I like to totally fuck up my characters and take them to the dark core of their existence and then watch them grow in strength as they fight to survive and stay sane. Phoenix rises from the ashes type of stuff... I have some larger works which will be published this year.  

I too am aiming to live off my writing one day. It is my passion and my hobby.

D.D. Scarlet is one of my pen names.


Kenneth Feb 25 '16
When I write, I tend to write short stories and do so for pleasure. My preferred genres to write in are horror and thriller. Satanism doesn't factor into my writing unless it does so subconsciously. At the moment, I'm writing a story for a rudimentary text adventure game.
Revan Member
Revan Feb 27 '16
I write dark poetry sometimes. I take all the thoughts floating in my head and put them on paper. Although it has been a while since I have done it seriously, I am starting to get back into it.
MisterOwl Mar 2 '16

I like to write.

I write all kinds of things: essays, plays, screenplays, books, comic books. The only thing I've ever had published was an article I wrote for a website.

As far as subjects go, it also varies. I love black humor but I am not the best at writing it. I do try sometimes though. 

Satanism factors into my writing on occasion, but not in a blatantly obvious way. If anything I will design a character who lives a Satanic life while avoiding society's tired stereotypes. I guess it also comes out in philosophical essays I write sometimes.

I write mostly for pleasure, but who knows... one day I could write professionally. I mean, I don't suck that bad.

I am currently in between projects. I found a website to find writing partners and I think I'm going to see if I can find a partner to help kick me in the butt.

SamaelSwine Sep 14 '16
I write novels, short stories, journals, recently blogging on this website, poetry, and music. I write for work a little, but that's technical stuff and internal documents I won't get into here. I would like to make writing my profession, but for the time being I am content with doing it for pleasure.

Satanism doesn't factor into my writing in the sense that I have never sat down and thought to myself, "I'm going to write something Satanic!" But it does factor in to things I write because everything you know about or have read of course makes it in to what you write.

I am currently starting on the fourth draft of a novel, and I swear after that I'm never touching that project again. This novel, like most of my writing deals with surrealism, existentialism, and dark fantasy themes. I tend to try to take things to the most extreme place conceivable while retaining a few shreds of narrative logic, with varying degrees of success.

Shawn Oct 3 '16
"Wicked Wordsmiths" should be a group or a subforum. It's a great name and a shame to waste. Just sayin'.
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