Frequently asked questions

1. Is the network free? 

This network is free for everyone but myself. I pay for hosting, mantainance and my time. This network is user driven and has substained itself by way of donations. Should you wish to donate you can use the paypal link in the right sidebar or contact Zach Black directly. No donation is to small. 

2. Can I join this network if I am not a Satanist? 

Yes. Although I designed this network to be a social networking hub for Satanists and other LHP/Occult orriented practitioners you need not be one. All that is required is that you possess critical thinking skills. 

3. Are people here thiestic or atheistic Satanists? 

Both. Although I might lean one way but I respect that others may not. This site is open to all types. 

4. How old do you have to be to join? 

There is no set age restriction but the rule of thumb is 16. I have no way to check ID's. If you are mature and intelligent you should be fine. 

5. What is membership? 

The network is free to use and is intended to be a networking hub. The network is open to the public. Memembership refers to the organization. The organization is not open to the public and consists of people all around the world. For more information on the organization and membership go HERE.

6. If someone is bothering me what should I do?

I would suggest first telling them to fuck off. Second, you can block them. Third, if it is persistent sexual or non-sexual harassment you can contact Zach Black and he will look into it. 

7. What is the ' live chat ' ? 

The live chat is a chat room that supports live text, audio and video. This is where many of us hang out and talk. You need not have a camera or a microphone. You have the option of just texting. The chat room is on tinychat. It does not work so well on phones but you can try it. There is a app.

8. Do I have to use my real information? 

No. Although I would suggest you state what area you live in truthfully. Many people here are looking to find others in thier own area to interact with. The search engine ( white box front page ) works well if people list the information correctly. 

9. How do I edit my profile?

Top part of your profile is a edit profile tab. From there you can use the drop boxes ' HTML ' and include videos, music players, pictures ect. 

10. How do I delete my account? 

You can't. If you want your account deleted contact Zach Black and give a good honest reason for consideration. 

11. How do I sell my soul to the devil and join the illuminati? 

You can. But you have to kill yourself first. Only then will the Devil take you seriously. 

Satanic International Network was created by Zach Black in 2009.
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