Welcome to Satanic International Network. The premier satanic network. Please take the time to read our policy.

When it comes to posting content, you need to use decent grammar and punctuation. This is a forum not a cell phone.

Please limit your photo uploads to 10 and only upload pictures of yourself or your art work. No google images. Due to restrictions on bandwidth and storage please do not upload pictures larger than 1 MB.

When posting videos please no music videos unless it is your own original music. Videos need to be relevant to Satanism. We have a forum you can use to promote the music you like.

The groups are intended for geographical locations. They are intended for meeting others in your area. Some exceptions will be allowed. Please ask Zach Black.

Do not spam, troll or attack others. Challenging and debate is welcome. Personal attacks and quarrels should take place in private messages.

When using our live chat sign in with the user name you registered with or you might get banned. Should you get banned contact Zach Black.

No porn or sexually explicit pictures. When people come to check the site out I do not want to give them the impression that this place is a quesi Satanic porn site.

Do not post social media profiles in the links section. The links are intended to point toward cool shit relevant to Satanism. Not to nobodygivesafuck@twitter.com

One final thing to keep in mind this is not a politically correct network. Although effort might be put forth to protect you feelings that may not always happen. Getting butthurt around here is not uncommon. Respect is given typically by it being shown and also by it being deserved.

When posting in the forums and blogs your entry needs to be more than a url and needs to be at least a complete sentence. If you are wanting to show a youtube video please use the embed option or hyper link with the boxes in the comments header.

Enjoy your stay. We look forward towards your participation.
Satanic International Network was created by Zach Black in 2009.
Certain features and pages can only be viewed by registered users.

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