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Dark Enlightenment

Fish : I believe there is an essence of god's love that permeates the cosmos. This being representative of God's imprint of perfect symmetry and form.

Masillae: How do you suppose?

Fish: The truest evidence of God's existance is the love he imprinted on all his creations. You see it with their behavior.

Masillae: Don't start with me apologist. Your theology aside your assertion is totally flawed.

Fish: I do not think so. Beyond on all pain and suffering, through the bowels of human experience there is an essence of love on can embrace to lift themselves up. All one needs to do is have faith in its existance. It rights the wrongs in any situation and can make one feel well again.

Masillae:  In that context you have made your god's love an abstraction that becomes useful only as a self delusion. Anything that exists only because you think it does only confirms that you have bias. A myopic view that blinds you from an outside perspective.

Fish: You can talk all day about abstraction, but I am talking about results. And my observation tells me that people who are distraught, lost, out of control, and even malevolent can reverse their direction because God is so universal, that the essence of its love can overpower all else. A hopeless addict can stop using god's love. 

Masillae: Sure they can, and you're missing the point. Love is established with affectionate contact and cannot arrise in a purely cerebral environment.  As it is related to bonding or familial relation it exists in an empirical way. You're adding another layer and calling it the absolute that overrides all other properties. You use a contrived notion to confirm what you believe.

Fish: What is absolute then?

Masillae: Nothing but The physical laws that make up our experience. The past is known. The present is collapsing the future's superpositions.  The evidence, the "love" you cite, are the affectionate traits certain species use to propagate themselves. It obviously yielded better results than laying a bunch of eggs and hoping they don't get eaten by the rest of the food chain.  It is evolution.

Fish: Everything in the universe tends towards some type of harmony. Some form of divine symmetry and tendency towards unity. Even people progress towards aspects of love. Everything flows towards eradication of negativity. The very nature of God's essence. Beauty and all that promotes life.  

And what about the non-physical. The things outside explanation?

MasillaeYour point of reference is only such a good sampling of your point BECAUSE it evolved to exist. Better question is why did your god make it so fucking hard for a civilization to take hold?  You are interpreting the inevitably of a mind bogglingly large space as meaningful.  There was a lengthy process of proto star formation, death, birth of heavier elements, another generation, and so on. To put it bluntly: you are an evolved amino acid on a clump of dirt orbiting a fairly common type of star - in a spiral barb galaxy - part of a local group of galaxies - which is part of a larger supercluster of 100,000 galaxies - which itself is a filament of an even larger supercluster complex  - that is still only 10% of the observable universe. You have no more absolute significance than that. So you'll excuse me if I find it hilarious some form of intelligence made something that big so you could write about its essence 13.499 billion years later.  You have made an entire argument out of a process that if anything tries to excludes it's existance. 

There is nothing outside physical explanation and there are things I can't explain. 

Who really knows what future advancement will hold. Telepathy? Telekinesis? Things of a superhuman nature? For all we know the mind could be at a tipping point of how it views the universe. Why can't I move that shit on the table over there using concentration alone?  Unknowns worth exploring. 

Fish: What's the point of existance if you dont see there being a purpose to it? Something showing the stamp of creation? Of meaning?

Masillae: I don't need one and there isn't one. You can point to symmetry, an apparent design, and assert a perfect web of interconnectivity all you want. You can see the fractals and repeating patterns all you want and see whatever you want. Just dont try to get me to think it's the thumb print of an intelligent design.

 Look at it this way.  You put two bowling balls in the vacuum of space and impart no velocity they will still come together. And so it goes. Through that, extrapolate all the forms on earth and you see the most energy efficient forms win in a universe are shaped by gravitational attraction. Which itself is a fluke caused by mass existing in the first place. 

Humorously though, If your god did create the universe it sort of threw up and bunch helium, hydrogen and residual lepton radiation.

Fish: Let me stop you there. Think about a tree. Think about how the branches always arrange themselves in repeating pattern. Why couldn't god have created a universe to evolve in symmetry? Leaving it's imprint in that symmetry?

Masillae: And humans wouldn't be energy efficient if we weren't symmetrical. Quit claiming the way plants spread themselves out to attract the most sunlight as evidence of your god. Once again you took a survival adaptation and turned it into your argument. You're conflating energy efficiency with a catalyst it doesn't need to explain it.

What if I said plants used pixinomial radiation to find sunlight through the soil?

Fish: Like it or not there is form. The imprint of divinity is there for everyone to see and its just that they choose not to accept it. 

Masillae: Oh your god, there really is no end to this debate until it is shown we are all in a simulation like that Tesla guy says we are.  Agree to ignore everytbing that doesn't conform to your bias?  
Dark Enlightenment
If you're like me there is a situational difference to how you can interact with people.

For me, I find it easier to talk with anyone if i have a "set reason" to talk to them. In my job I regularly talk to gorgeous people so far out of my league regularly. I can even make them laugh. Like the most apt, socially fluent, and charismatic person to ever exist. 

 It's approached like a role and my role is to temporarily help them to feel at ease during our transaction. They need to know they trust me and talk away if they so please.  And then the transaction ends and you reset. 

The transition to the bar and club scene is non-existant. The purpose is not there. You have to come up with it. You have to impress why it is this person should talk to you. Thus the charismatic ability never takes hold.  Instead it comes out like the stereotypical nerd.  No charisma. No confidence.  All the "at work ability" erodes into an overanalytical mess.  The simple ability to read a person, like at work, also evaporates.  It becomes so objective driven, there is no ability to be comfortable. You're not confident because forced socialization to achieve a desired result is so mission oriented.

This may crystallize into an ingrained fear of rejection. Drawing on failed attempts and blockages within personality. 

It can also be an excuse.

It's an isolated world of prostitutes for most.

Until someone else wants to approach the closed off uncomfortable body language wallflower, your best bet is to have the "ice-breaker" removed from necessity. 

Thank you internet.

There's probably AutisticDating.com or some shit like that.  A compatible environment where you can meet people you might like and establish a relationship over the internet.  And then transition it to real life without fear of rejection.

You can write, rewrite, and word it just right and know it's only words on a page if you fail. You can say it with some degree of anonymity, and if that fails move on to the next. You talk, and then eventually blah blah blah, go Match.com.

You can even refine it down.  Say you want a "satanist" you can go on Facebook and join regional groups or establish a relationship with someone you come across and decide you can trust.

And it works time and time again for even the most socially awkward. Anyone can do it.

From an evolutionary standpoint, most would see the mammalian writing on the wall.  You are a creature that may not be meant for socialization. "Outcasts" (caste?) are specimens not meant to contribute to the species.  They are the animal that doesn't know how to fuck.  And any other species a low caste specimen sucks its way through life and then dies.

 If only they had computers.

From an editorial point of view, needing online to meet people seems like an admission you can't make it the way your mammal ass was suppose to. The stigma one places on alternatives (prostitutes, dating sites) works its way into pride. Another internal restriction.

In any case, there is no reason why anyone should be alone, apathetic, and miserable unless they choose to be.

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I've noticed:

Me = ONE: I [English Me], Eins [German One], Yi [Chinese One], Ich [German I/Me], Ek [Sanskrit One], Ik [Dutch I/Me], Ichi [Japanese One], Me [Engish I/Me], Mere [Hindi Me], Moi [French Me], Moja [Swahili One], Mono [Greek], Mot [Vietnamese One], Muy [Khmer & Semelai One], Moa [Mon One], Misa [Mundari One], An [English singular article], Ana [Arabic Me].

You = Two: Thou [English You], Du [German You], Tu [Spanish You], Tum [Hindi You], Dva [Sanskrit Two], Yusa [Tsou Two], Duwa [Acehnese Two], Dua [Balinese, Batak, Toba, Malay, Sundanese Two], Due [Sasak Two], Duo [Mingangkabau Two], Thua [Tsat Two], Duaq [Dayak Two], Duo [Dusun Two], Uoua [Kiribati Two], Ua [Niuean & Tongan Two].

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EdMenonymous Member
So taday.. I read this by RAW.. and then he popped in my head..and atsrted talking to me..

He told me ok ok.. yea yea yea.. you hate the pretty people and they make you sick..

But where is your curiosity.. 

Go ahead look at that woman right there and tell me.. 

What does she care about?

What makes her mad?

How is she feeling inside?

Um but before we started getting my power back 

He also said, look... 

so you are sure that this is all wrong and everyone is wrong and annoying unreal full of shit full of themselves uncaring and trippin on their own self image...

and now that Ive written this.. It is truly how I see myself...

serving no noble purposes makes me so angry at myself... 

consumption and walking and talking and working along with acting nice and looking passably pretty even though its fake is my Normal..

Fair enough... 

I feel disappointed in myself..

I am angry at myself, that I have known longer than most about the fuckness of what humans are getting up to and I have done absolutely NOTHING about it thus far...  

I am twisted between surviving taking care of myself and just letting go and saving some fucking animals..

I am lost to my purpose and I feel as though I should have one because I am a very powerful person.. and I allow mediocrity stupidity and apathy to infect my very soul...  

So tomorrow.. more of the same then.. ask ask ask ask ask ask ask!!! 

why does she wear so much makeup and dress like and smell like a fukkin BARBIE? no more hating them.. It doesnt help and I fukkin know better.. 

even if im right there is always Mors to learn!

Im fukkin seriously retarted!

when am I gonna fukkin get THIS!?  

the short bus never gets to the party in hell..


93 and 23 SKIDOO!

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Dark Enlightenment

And now it’s dead. The following is intentionally overdramatic and fatalistic.

I refused to accept that I arrived in Seattle in 1998. I refused to believe I missed it all. I missed the assassins. I missed the gang rape. When I walked in a handful people were still about but mostly there were just dead bodies and that known annoying person that can only talk about themselves who had returned to bask in their self-adulation once again.  Hardly a cult of personality though.

Without polarizing figures to make people want to go to the party there is no life. Except for the ones who only believe they are the life of the party.

The party can revive it self in tiny after ripples, but the truth of the matter is things like that peak only once.  The wave that Hunter S Thompson saw break and roll back is indicative of the lifespan of an amoral memoplex. The world is still too saturated with a suggested morality for any countercultural movement to take hold unless they are endorsed by an influential body.  The hippies ditched the bus, cut their hair, and moved to Poughkeepsie to become ‘the man’.

Years later many of the concepts they supported gained support after it was taken out of the world of antiestablishment behavior and into one of proper activism and referendum. The difference being the hippies social aim was relatively nonexistent. It was Peace Love and What do we do now?  Without an appeal to authority it was just a waiting game for authority to be Jesus again.

But how to apply to the party?

Without the presence of Timothy Leary or The Beatles, who were for all intents and purposes bigger than Jesus, the ‘independent thinkers’ had no one to think independently like. Their concentrated version of opposition was an easy anti-authoritative elixir to for the average baby boom child to consume.  Neophytes are an easy mark. The example the key figures made, just like Jesus, influences others to participate in a certain way. When they become subject to object impermanence the world reverts back to its cultural preset.

The once rowdy party has died. And the once lively and devious behavior has fallen out of favor for inclusiveness. But the fun WAS exclusiveness. “You can’t be part of our loose association” was an irony in and of itself, but it was an irony that worked. Nails were hammered per the criticisms of the various Jesuses and various gang style attacks ensued. It was much more fun to be on the side hammering, but those were the rules of engagement. It wasn’t equal opportunity and that’s what made it great.

In the rearview it seems all a mesh of contradiction, conundrum, and hypocrisy but at least it was fun. For what it was, when it was. It is just a shame I wasn’t around for 1967. Or the party. Whatever the fucking metaphor is.

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      I have been meditating daily. My goal is to get into a deep trance so I can astral project.  the problem is 99% of the time i end up falling asleep. at first I thought maybe it was because was waiting until evening so I could be undisturbed (i have a 5 year old son) Maybe i was just too tired at the end of the day so I tried first thing in the morning after I already slept. still fell asleep every time.  that one time was I able to experience something different than I normally have. I felt like i was in a sleep paralysis and i got all swirly feeling and that's the last thing I remember until I woke up 2 hours later. Basically i wanted to know if anyone had any advice on my situation? Does it just take time and practice or am I possibly doing somethinnt wrong?

     There are some people that claim that they communicate with spirit guides while in a deep trance or experience a past life. I guess I'm just intrigued by the spiritual realm and would like to gain more knowledge of it as well as experience it. I suppose I could find a good book and read more about the subject but I was also curious about others opinions concerning Astral travel and communicating with spirits. 

Amethyst Jun 2 · Comments: 25 · Tags: meditation, astral travel
     I was raised by a very Baptist grandmother. I will always appreciate what she had done for me during her lifetime, but she was very pushy about her beliefs. as a teen I had to warn my friends to never bring up religion or politics around my grandma unless they wanted to get into a heated debate. The only one who seemed to enjoy these debates was an atheist friend of mine. my opinion is he enjoyed getting a rise out of her. But anyways...I feel as I had no freedom of thought. like most people raised in a Christian family I was told the bible was to be taken as absolute truth. Anything spiritual was considered "evil" and of the "devil" (meditation, divination, astral projection ect) i was told anybody involved in the occult was basically all the same they were all evil baby sacrificing devil worshippers. it didn't matter what they believed if you weren't "saved" you were going to hell. I grew up in a world where I felt like i was spiritually walking on egg shells. "you can't do that or you will go to hell" i wasnt even allowed to trick or treat because it was Satan's holiday and i could be kidnapped and sacrificed. oh and i can't forget the time gram read a book about "spiritual warfare" and went on a kick about demons being the cause of every bad thing in the world.

      Another thing that drove me bat shit fucking crazy is there are way too many hypocritical christians. ya know the judgey ones that stick there nose up in the air like they better than everyone. the corruption even within my own former church that I witnessed. our preacher had to resign because he got busted lining his pockets with the money from the offering plate. the same guy who is stealing from everyone is telling me I'm a sinner for getting knocked up before I was married. like i said hyprocrite. I didn't fit in because unlike most of the others I didn't give a fuck if someone was gay, had sex before marriage, had an abortion, had other religious or pollitical beliefs than i. my motto was each to their own. who the fuck am I to tell someone how they ought to live. I have my beliefs you have yours let's agree to disagree instead of arguing endlessly and guess what we still won't change the other persons oppinion.     Basically what lead me to this website was exploring other options and point of views. I had begun to question my faith in the christain god and noticed that the bible contradicts itself. What I have found while researching is those involved in the occult are not all the same. Wiccans aren't the same as Satanists. there are different denominations  (for lack of a better term) of Satanist and pagans. I was surprised to learn there is even atheistic satanist. it's amazing what you learn when you open your mind and quit being so narrow minded and listening to what your told is right and wrong. I also discovered i was not the only one who thought the bible contradicts itself. People have gone so far as to write books on contradictions in the bible and how it can not be historically correct. 

     I've reached a point where I am tired of feeling like i am going to suffer for eternity because I didn't conform to what I was told I should believe. I have always been intrigued by the spirit realm but I didn't dare explore for fear of eternal Damnation or having an evil spirit attach itself to me. I'm done living in fear or feeling guilty for being a human being and having desires. I haven't put a label on myself as far as what religion I am because I think right now I'm still trying to figure that out. I haven't done enough reading or research yet to have enough knowledge to choose a path that's best for me. I do identify with the concept of the left hand path. freedom of thought and doing what you want without the fear of eternal damnation. obviously I have a lot to learn and explore before I can claim im this or that. I just know  I'm  not atheist because I do believe there is a spiritual realm. i believe there is some kind of afterlife i just dont think its heaven and hell. 

     I think I've blabbered on enough for this blog. if anyone cared or was interested long enough to read this whole thing feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions. (now that ive realized its ok to have an opinion.) if you have any good book reccomendations for someone new to a spiritual path I would love to know :) 

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Name is Andrew. I am an asshole. You could say Assholistic. It's a 100% organic form of orthodox - assholism. It all natural. Enjoyable and not troll like at all.

I have built a reality - Video game called Weoponized Spirituality. It the latest in child care development. It's more of a maximum security child care facility. You might already be playing. Its occult, so if you don't get it then, no spoon.

It like our resident Agent, AK says, "what do spoons have to do with spooning?" I do not spoon because I believe spooning is good for the relationship. I spoon to get a bonner. And I Satanism for lulz without harm. 

Thank for letting me in and take a look at the game. If you get it play. If you don't call me at 503 666 3218. Would love an argument for shits.



Warden May 29 · Comments: 1
Sindy Yalana
Hi Everyone, since I joined this network I would like to share my experiences and my views based on African Satanism. Sadly I'm not able to write at this moment reason being I am not feeling very well and hopefully by Monday I shall be good .looking forward to connect with you all. ☺
Sindy Yalana May 26 · Comments: 4
Dark Enlightenment

[A failed Hawaiian themed water park 15 miles outside Barstow, CA]

As a fan of the desolate, downtrodden, and decrepit this drive keeps me entertained even with almost goddamn nothing to look at.  Hunter S Thompson once said, "This same lonely desert was the last known home of the Manson Family."  The grim connections are still there as they were in 1971. Still Baker, Barstow, and Berdoo.

As much as the destinations, Las Vegas or Southern California, the drive on that desolate stretch has its own vibe.  You may find yourself constantly saying, "How the fuck does anyone live out here?"   Evidence this is shared by most is found in the several "ghost settlements". Power lines running to rotting shacks or clusters of decaying structues is a common sight. Littered among are a few shells of rusted 1980's American cars.

Then there are all the sights beyond the abandoned waterparks [top], ghost trailer parks, or a 25 ft boat rotting much more slowly that building it was stored in.  A Catch Me If You Can figure with devil horns can be seen stenciled on rotting billboards in numerous places.  A road named Zzyzx Rd, specifically named that to hold the title of the alphabetically last registered road in the US. 

And in the most decrepit of stretches:

[Stock photo - Buzzkill. Yermo Crossing has to go and try to remind people going to Las Vegas  of their programmed Christian values.]

They should know the real lesson of Las Vegas is afterwards. There should be one for the California return that says "I told you so", shouldn't there?

The hearty folk that can stick it out in the shadeless hell seem to be really fond of god.  The appeal must increase in proportion to destitution or how hopeless a place makes you feel. 

The geology Is the most depressing or beautiful part. 

[Stock photo - These mountains are the product of uplift, volcanism, and erosion since the Mesozoic era]

If you are a geology nerd the desolate mountains are part of the ambiance. The Sierra Nevada range all the way to it's southern tip are the Cascades of old. Today they stand as a region of once heavy volcanism with a very post apocalyptic look. The joshua tree being the lone species to survive the environmental holocaust. 

That is about it. After that you're back into one of two metropolitan areas having made it through that godforsaken place, into whatever equally as godforsaken place you call your destination.

A fitting road between Sin City and Californication. 

And then there are also these things, whatever the fuck these things are:

[Stock Photo - Seven Magic Mountains outside Jean, NV]

Dark Enlightenment May 25 · Rate: 5
Dark Enlightenment
* I did this once half joking, but here is it for real.

All [long haired little bitch faggot] forms of Satanism no longer please me.  

So to remove boring you all with the lead up...

To explain it, lets look at some common elements of western society.  Many of these carry redundancy. 

1.  Spirituality.  From Christianity to New Age and all points in between. People are guided by a perception of purpose and fate. Prone to recognizing serendipity, signs, leaps of faith, destiny, and synchronicity.

2. Susceptibility to vitriolic trends, sensationalism, gossip, and mutagenic pop culture ideas. (memes) 

3. Divine Intervention. A tendency to gravitate to god device for help. In a time of trouble falling on the comfort of fantastical belief for alleviation from the adverse situation.

4. Need for social acceptance.

5. Willingness and tendency to modify or compromise behavior for reward or inclusion where not necessary.

6. Conflict resolution through appeal to others. "Help me fight my battles for me."

7. Duality.  Dichotomies (polar extremes) taken out of a set range/spectrum and applied as opposites innate to nature. 

8. Safety in subjugation. 


Per my subjective view these are the bullet points of what makes your average person.

My version of Satanism (which I hear doesn't get it at all) has a contrary, authentic, or outside the box action and/or response to many, if not all of the above.


1.  Read as superstition. It never settles. It never seems right. And it never stands up to personal scrutiny.  A mindset you'd find on Snopes.com. Denying higher purpose and calling.  There is no inherent purpose for existance. There is only what you give it later. 


3. Hope for whatever the fuck you want, but know it's all on you. Piss off people that can get you and expect response however they choose to fight. All on you. You will not escape shit. It will be Ironic.

'Cause what you say is what you say
Say what you say how you say it whenever you sayin' it
Just remember how you said it when you was sprayin' it
So who you playin' wit, huh?

4. Being included can be neat. Being cognoscenti is a buzz. Understand the chemical release associated with adulation and the clique. Elitism is rewarded via oxytocin release. This is a lingering trait of our nomadic ancestry.  The nature of human existance is one of identification and exclusion. The tendencies of #2 (memes) are a product of this occurance within mammalian social interaction.
5. You get a job that tells you to wear specific attire you wear the god damn attire because that's the agreement you made. That's not what this is.

Example: Imagine a kid that couldn't say the Pledge of Allegiance. That for a reason their 8 year old ass can't comprehend they dread it and it frightens them. Teacher says, "you don't get to go to recess unless you stand". Kid is willing to never go to recess again. 

Can you tell the difference?

6. Thou will knock on thy neighbors door before dropping a dime. 

7.  Not Duality. Dichotomies (polar extremes) understood as a set range/spectrum. Everything has a median and a destructive/constructive metric that is applied subjective to individual experience. The median exists like drawing a line down the center of a scatter plot.  The field is directly influenced by the individual.

You can create more opportunity for either advancement or regression by the choices you make. 

8. Serenity through principle. Willingness to increase suffering without regard to well being. Internally driven to cut deeper, push harder, and go further to uphold your abhoration of solace through ideological slavery.   Deliberate destruction of societal archetypes and collective behavior through trampling all over them. Being obscenity.

Desire to commit unacceptable behavior as incitement or social commentary. Can be general or very specific, even pertaining to a subset of beliefs within isolated groups.  

The last one is the most criticized thing I say. The oft counter being, "responding to it is the mark of the basic, mundane, or subjugated. Pick your battles."  Enter the devisive conundrum. 

The best I can do in advance is say it's absolutely an elective application.

A person who loves football can go through the grueling practice every day and then throw it all away when the new coach forces prayer at the end of practice.

"I may play football in the fall, but I am never signing this".

Not always angst. 

That's it. I felt compelled to subject my "unique" take to scrutiny, and because there are some contrary views here, I present you opportunity to criticize "My Satanism".  That, and it was expressed to me these views are, "an ideological trap to embrace such dead end, meaningless views, and holding them is a figurative culling".  

Dark Enlightenment May 19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6
AK Mod

It cannot be stressed enough: the first step in troubleshooting is 1) understand the problem! This is not the same as merely identifying that there is a problem. No. One must understand what the problem is – how it functions. To know one's enemy.

Among many would be Satanists – especially the green horns – there exists a great deal of angst pertaining to the Abrahamic religions. Often one's Satanism emerges from a vague anti-christian sentiment. That Christianity is a problem to be eradicated from the planet, and it starts here in this coffee-house / forum / WordPress blog / whatever. Many utilize this nameless contempt as means to substantiate their Satanism is if some sort of flag under which to rally; shunning all things Abrahamic as anathema unworthy of consideration. This is as fallacious as Anti-Fa and for precisely the same reasons:

If one were truly against fascism, one would do well to first understand it at least as well as, if not better than, its proponents. The devil can quote scripture for his own use. It is not enough to issue blanket statements against the hypocrisy of religion in the hopes of rallying a small group of internet malcontents to commiserate with the nebulous evils of religion and faith – this is especially so if one does not actually know what they're talking about. The whole “I don't actually know what they represent, I just know it sounds stupid, and their fans are annoying” approach can't even quell the surge of "Beliebers", let alone believers. A religion with centuries of history and theology whose adherents number in hundreds of millions if not billions-with-a-b is clearly doing something right, and the ends of that something is not terribly different than what those “Satanists” who utter such vacuous phrases as “our people” in attempts at unification are attempting to do (for however poorly and misguided)

Knowing and thoroughly understanding the mechanisms behind how that which one is against functions allows one to identify in which ways one's own methods are, in fact, similar – even identical – to the methods one claims to be against. Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. Examples:

Anti-Fa operating under the pretext that they stronger together as a cohesive unit – the very premise of Fascism – a single rod is easily broken, while the bundle is difficult to break.

The Satanist who complains that their parents won't so much as consider reading the Satanic Bible whose disdain for Christianity prevents them from so much as picking up a bible except only to burn. Or exclaims that God does not answer their prayers, but Azazel totally does, all the while remaining perplexed at how “stupid” people can be to worship a sky-daddy.

Any movement which exists solely to eradicate one thing or another owes its very existence to that very thing it abhors. And here is the conundrum: where would the purely anti-christian Satanist be if ever they were to succeed? Who really needs who? “Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years!” is purely tongue-in-cheek, you do realize? It's a vast over-simplification even on a cursory reading. Namely, there is no one “Church” - there's countless denominations and the majority of them view Satan as a sort of minor actor in the grand scheme of things – hardly worth mentioning at all, let alone trifling over; that is unless you're looking to rattle the cages of Pentecostals. Moreover, Satan is a part of their mythology – it doesn't stand on its own, but rather in context of their symbol-set. Utilizing the name just legitimizes their beliefs. Satan really only spooks those people who don't really know much about their own faith to begin with - the non-practicing complacent types who are members of such-and-such a creed in name only. These aren't exactly the pillars of the institution, anyway.

All of this ties back to understanding the problem – something I sincerely doubt the more militantly anti-christian Satanists have the wit to articulate (much less solve) effectively – and this all presumes that said problem is really a problem at all. It sounds to me like so much proselytizing in the name of a total non-issue. Windmills. Paper tigers. In reality, since its inception, “Satanist”, like “Pagan” (or nigger, or faggot for that matter) was never a thing one set-out-to-be. It instead was and has always been a label – a pejorative – given to those from without who had the audacity to do their own thing without concern for, and in direct contradiction with, the judgment of the prevailing moral authority of the time and place – terms for those whose solitary otherness is intrinsic and inherent in ways beyond contrived aspirations, branding, or superficial solidarity with anyone.

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This is what the rear end of an alpha female looks like:-

Kobwebz Apr 29 · Comments: 4 · Tags: alpha female, genetically superior woman
Dark Enlightenment

Inspired by what has to be a "troll". 

Dimensions are parameters of our reality.  

The universe we can experience exists in a 4D space/time.  A measure of length, width, depth, and time. All points can be empirically plotted.

Enter the higher (or imperceptibly small - depending on mechanism) dimensions. There is a simple way to explain dimensions 5 and up.

* Note * These are all inaccessible, and cannot be shifted into because they represent possibility.

5th Dimension - A possible reality slightly different from our own with the same initial conditions.

6th Dimension - All possible realities with the same initial conditions

7th Dimension - All possible realities with all possible initial conditions

8th Dimension - all possible branches of all possible realities with all possible initial conditions.

9th Dimension - All possible laws of physics in all possible branches of all possible realities with all possible initial conditions.

10th Dimension - Everything all at once. Every conceivable variation. Infinity.

11th dimension -  In string theory there are 5 varitions (string form, spin, etc).  To unify these M-Theory incorporates 11 dimensional supergravity. And all become compatible.  Another parameter.

So there you have it. There is no spirit realm of a coming 5th dimension, but the videos were hilarious and inspired this blog along with a link to the article my subsequent browsing led to, and which I absolutely ripped off.


Except: The existence of these additional six dimensions which we cannot perceive is necessary for String Theory in order for their to be consistency in nature. The fact that we can perceive only four dimensions of space can be explained by one of two mechanisms: either the extra dimensions are compactified on a very small scale, or else our world may live on a 3-dimensional submanifold corresponding to a brane, on which all known particles besides gravity would be restricted (aka. brane theory)

Dark Enlightenment Apr 29 · Comments: 4


every time I listen to certain songs from certain artists I feel connected with my spirituality and reinforces everything I believe in. knowledge is key my friends so embrace it. oh yeah check out spaceghostpurrp blackland radio 66.6 album thank you.

Ikey_Mike Apr 13 · Comments: 2
No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.

Tiamat Apr 13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1

I set a Goal for myself a year ago to buy and read 1000 Kindle books! So far I've bought a little over 500 books and I've read 90% of them. 

I'm a veracious reader, ever since I dropped out of high school ironically. I used to never read when I was in school.  

The cool thing about me is that when I read a book, I only remember 1% of what I've read, and the other 99% goes into some black hole in the back of my brain, far far away from my conscious mind and memory!

I don't remember shit I read. And that's a cool thing!!! Fuck the Left Brain!

The Right Side's the Tight Side.

When you read stuff, and it all goes down some black hole where you forget 99% of the shit you read, what has actually happened is that all that stuff drifts like sediment down into your unconscious mind, or your so called "subconscious mind."

That's where the cool thing happens. 

Your Right Brain has access to all of that stuff in your unconscious mind. 

The right brain works like google search, at least mind does. When I think of something like "FISH" what happens is my right brain draws up all of this information anyway related to fish that I got from the books I've read and so on.

For example, when I think of FISH, my right brain immediately draws up Oannes, the ancient Babalonian fish head god. Oannes is connected to Johannes or Saint John of the Bible. Saint John draws up the Jordan river, which draws up the Nile river, which draws up the Blue Nile [the milky way]. Oannes also makes me think of the Dogon people, which is a tribe of Africans who say they were visited by fish headed aliens from the planet Sirius, in ancient times. 

Having this trick of mind or ability comes in handy when you write essays like I do, because even though you can't consciously remember 99.99% of what you have read or studied, one good key word, brings up a massive amount of sedimental data for you to use.

I think, in two years, I'll have bought 1000 books and have read them all. It's like a marathon! You just buy and read... buy and read... and you don't have to worry about remembering anything!

Albert Apr 6 · Comments: 10
Luciferi Baphomet
Teach others that Lucifer is not evil. 

Share the link if you want to.


Luciferi Baphomet Apr 6 · Rate: 2.50 · Comments: 11

We probably all do at some point; so I guess I'm not the only one then.

I actually have dreams about people I am constantly around often, in situ and in internetu.

Since I've known and hung out with AK in cyberspace and emailspace, I've had a total of 2 dreams either about him or in which he had a cameo appearance.

And no: they aren't erotic dreams. They're actually pretty distressing.

Last night was the second time I ever dreamed about AK, actually, he wasn't in the dream, but the dream centered around him.

The dream took place in what looked like a big mall with many floors and stores. But this mall also doubled as an apartment complex of some sort, because there were apartment units in it.

In the dream I was checking out a very large tree. The tree nearly touched the tippy top of the ceiling of the mall.

As I was looking at the ceiling, I noticed a large crack in it. So I said to myself: "AK, you didn't do a good job with the mall. I see a crack."

I guess in the dream AK was the architect of the mall.

So I made my way close to the ceiling, which was made of something like white foam or white chalk.

Then I saw this huge ass crack that ran across the ceiling. I saw bits of the ceiling crumbling and dropping. That's when I said to myself: "Oh fuck. What a fucked up job you did AK! You're gunna kill everybody."

So I ran as fast I could to the bottom floor of the mall, towards the apartment units to fetch my significant other [Vanessa].

I knocked on Vanessa's door, and instantly screamed at her: "Nessa! Quick, the roof is falling! We need to get the fuck out!"

Vanessa had a weird look on her face. I noticed she was putting on her panties. She only had a bra on when I was screaming at her.

So I said to her: "Why were you naked?"

Then, as soon as I asked her that, I see a guy - a man!!! - walk out of her bedroom in the back. He walked into the hall and said: "Is everything all right Vanessa?"

So I'm like: "Who the fuck are you?" I pushed Vanessa out of the way, no longer caring about the roof falling, since I was angry and wanted her and everyone to die.

As I pushed Vanessa out of the way, I said: "Get the fuck out of the way. Who the fuck is he?!"

That was the dream. I woke up in the morning fucking angry as hell. It was weird. I told Vanessa the dream in bed, and I was so angry I picked a fight with Vanessa. It wasn't a serious fight. I'm still emotionally stressed out from the dream. You know like when something disturbing happens and you can't give it closure? Yeah, that feeling.

The first dream I had about AK was many months ago. Maybe 6-8 months ago.

In that first dream AK was physically in the dream.

In the dream, me and AK were skateboarding, in the country side of some kind. There was no sidewalks or cement, so I don't know how we were skateboarding, but we were.

The scenery was like empty fields, with some sand dunes, desert like environment, grass in some places, and lots of vineyards [grape vines].

In the dream AK was boarding faster than me. He was ahead of me, showing off, jumping the sand dunes.

I tried to keep up with him, and at one point I yelled out: "Shane! Wait for me! You're going to fast!"

He said back: "Keep up slow poke!"

So I followed behind AK as he went into this field of grape vines. Then I lost him. The grape vines were in rows, and the vines were tall. I couldn't see him.

I yelled out: "Shane! Asshole! Stop fucking hiding!"

I heard AK yell out: "Over here!"

So I said: "Where?"

I tried to find him in the field of grape vines, and got very lost.

The scenery changed. It was night time. I wandered into some neighborhood with lots of willow trees.

I was scared and lost, trying to find my way home. As I walked down the dark dirt road I was on, in the distance ahead of me, I see a large dog walking my way.

I'm scared of dogs, so I said: "Oh fuck, a dog." So I turned around and ran as fast as I could, leaving my skateboard behind.

I make it to some other street and I saw a man and woman walking. So I ran up to them and said: "I'm lost. can you help me? What's the name of this city?"

The man said to me: "Yeah, you look lost. This city doesn't have a name."

So I said: "What kind of city doesn't have a name? How am I suppose to google it? Fuck." I ran some more, down the dark dirt road.

As I was running - in no particular direction - I stopped, hit myself on the head with my palm, and said: "Duh! My phone. I can just call my family!" So I took my phone out: dead battery.

I kept walking from street to street in that scary neighborhood of willow trees until I made it out into some main street with a plaza of businesses. I felt hella relieved to be out of that dark willow city.

The plaza had lights. There were cars in the street. In the plaza was a pizza shop. I was hungry so I figured I'd buy some pizza. But next door to the pizza shop was this weird new age shop that sold crystals and jewelry. And I was like: "Gasp... jewelry!" So I went inside the new age shop and looked around for a while.

I asked the shop owner what city we were in. The lady in the shop said: "Moreno Valley." It's a city I've lived in before. So I said: "Oh... I know where I am!"

So I went to go look at the street names the plaza was at, and then went to a payphone and called someone to pick me up.

That was the whole dream. Pretty interesting dream.

Albert Apr 5 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8

Sometimes it feels lonely being the ONLY member in my family, that has an interest in Occult related subject matters/topics (even though I'm not that much of a "people person").

PuchoAlmighty666 Apr 4 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: michigan, satanism, occult, atheism
I'm new to this and is anyone in new jersey or know someone that lives here that can teach me some things.
Zias Apr 1 · Comments: 1
Zach Black Owner

I sued and won in court 500 bucks in small claims damages against my X. She ignored the judgement to pay me as the court order and drug this out for a year. Well ,I paid to have her wages garnished and her bank froze and she was served by the sheriff. Sheriff called me just now and said they got a check waiting for me for 500 buck in full what she owes. 

Most likely her mom paid it because my X was poor and never wanted to work. Either way I'll take it. And with 14 dollars of it I am gonna make a shirt with my face on it holding her check or money and saying ' I told you so dumb cunt... but have a free shirt' ! 

But seriously I actually going to do that because she made me wait a year and would not make payments for half that much as she promised she would. ..

Zach Black Mar 21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: zach schroeder, record city, san diego, mazie laforest
Zach Black Owner

Another bump ... You can help and make 200 bucks.!

You can maybe. Youtube suspended my account for violating community guidelines. It is fucking bullshit. All I did was talk about my drug past and youtube after years decided that those videos are encouraging illegal and dangerous behavior.

I have tried to appeal and contest my suspension with no luck. Should you desire it cant hurt to contact youtube and google and tell em that is fucked up and that you are a long time subscriber and have learned lots ( education ) from my videos.

Go to youtube/ help /send feed back... You can find help link at the bottom of most youtube pages. If you can find a way to contact a real person , email or phone on google or youtube that will listen to you that is the best. Please let me know I got like three links and have tried em all. I am willing to pay someone 200 bucks that can get youtube to restore my channel. channel was satanicinternational. Email attached to it was satanicinternationalnetwork@gmail.com

Here are the links I have tried. There is a way but they hide it. Tons of blogs and videos about ' how to contact youtube' and ' How to get your account restored' ect ect..

Remember my account was not suspended for copyright violation. The method for that is different and will not work. Mine is for violating community guidelines.

Here are the three links I have tried and I get ignored or a auto message saying I have already appealed and I can not appeal again.

Have a go at it. It can not hurt. 200 BUCKS IF YOU CAN GET YOUTUBE / GOOGLE TO RESTORE MY CHANNEL. It can be done. I have done it before.But seriously though these links are common . Best bet is to find a email or even send snail mail to the right people .. Good luck and if you know someone who WORK AT GOOGLE that would be golden. Here are the links I have tried.

▼The link to the form you will have to fill out▼



Here is a good video about it. 




EdMenonymous Member
I caught a taxi in Oslo..
Normally the drunken pretty person who is THE MODEL FOR ALL THEE PERFEKT POINDEXTER..
Walks across the street and pops her little skirted makedup ass into the back of taxi...

In the way that she expected to behave .. compared to say any dude with any money,,...

Now.. Before you say im crazy take my pills im just manhating again,...

Hear me out...

I was so fukkin rude and brutal in my language tone and ENTIRE BEING SAID

We even had to have a bery embarrassing conversation in where


So of course.. HE HAVE TO TRY..





He turns around and he says to me...

Then he tries to find out exactly where I live..
He got out of the taxi and tried to follow me home...

He said if you need cigarette I GET YOU CIGARETTE..

I looked at him right in the fukkin face and said..

Poor Samir walked away with what looked to me like a poor broken HEART..
I think my Muslim driver fell in love with me because he couldnt beat the shit out of me for showing him the SAME LACK OF RESPECT THAT HE SHOWED EDME!!



EdMenonymous Mar 15 · Rate: 5 · Tags: taxiwhores, pucgb, sub, dom, snm, satanicbitch
EdMenonymous Member
Hello Lilith...

Fuck I have been so weak... 

I have been waking up everyday.. in panic and stress to get independant and on my own.

I have been worried childish and whiney about everything that goes wrong and a total asshole when everything is working out my way..

I wish to explore why I express myself in this way.. or better yet, I wish to strenghthen my own love and villigance towards myself.

I wish to give myself the love//well maybe not..

Buut when i go about my day hoping that everyone else will be hAappy with me and doing everything so that they will.. 

Perhaps we can look into this behavior of mine if it is not yet done expressing itself and work it so i play into my own favor and not against myself. 

I am done hiding

i am done asking for the aPProval of others

i am done believing that everyone else is waay better and more capable than me.

I wish to commune with you tonight to infuse brand inscribe upon my mind and body with hellishry fire 



ok well if you are my true SATANIC BREATHREN 


Focus for me fukkin visualize..

And anyone who WILL Burn me or put me out

EdMenonymous Mar 15 · Comments: 3 · Tags: lilith, naahmah, eirashtetz, aglabitch!
A few days ago a family friend had his birthday and I saw my mother sending him a congratulations post on Facebook, and that post included a pic of  Jayne Mansfield. I thought that was funny 'cause she goes bananas if I post something about the "S-word" or anything LaVey related.

What I think is amusing is that I can post about Jon Nödtveidt (The singer and creator of Dissection, a swedish band) who was convicted of murder. Hah.

EdMenonymous Member
bi polar co dependancy.. wtf ever they want me on some fukking pills that everytime i take 

I have to say to myself.. I need this or im not good enough..

but I so fukking am.. 





I dont get why you are cranky! 




ITS ONLY WORKING FOR A FEW WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE EVIL MEN. and obviously the rest of us can fuk off!


I dont hate MEN! Its ideology the terminology that has to change..





Why you have to show off all the time! and not let me have my day?

why does me having my day offend you so much? 






EdMenonymous Mar 9 · Comments: 1 · Tags: sucking cock

slicing though human meat with only my teeth.   Absolute freedom from pain and deceit. Deciphering the meanings of past memories forgotten by me.

Only discovering something more disturbing than before I stare in disbelief at the wreckage and guinussnes of my work,

with disembodied victims scouring the earth

 all layed to rest. I can only beg they see me for the true creation I was created to be!! 

They'll never know or even begin to comprehend the trials and misfortunes ive overcome in just a short amout of time. Ill never show the true pain or celebrate the real gains ive vigorously accomplished on my own accord. But accordingly to everyone ive ever known and held dear to me ill never amount to  anything. This is where my story dramatically takes a turn for the worse only to venture further inside my insidious completely hideous and viciously twisted beautiful mind behind these eyes you wouldnt believe the horrendous images ive grown to love and consider my calm and peaceful bliss of a life.

Alwayzfaded1 Mar 9 · Rate: 5

stuck in this warped prison of tangled lies of untold truths and false loyalty sinks in and makes an unreal reality im forced to embrace. 

seeking acceptance from those who I considered to be close only discovering a deeper darkness and betrayal that provokes the menacing skreetches that lay just under the suface of my skin begging to be released seeking any justification or excuse to rip through the flesh and drink from the skulls of every single person who fits the description. calming whispers of the monster within becoming more unbearable than ever before. stricken with pure madness of what can only be described as something unreal from past pictures once seen of someone closely resembling me? All the pain and anger filling in the deepest part of what was once considerd to be me


fueling this fire of hatred with disturbing images. unexplainable scenes of decomposing flesh shredded to bits. 

 shivering with personal enjoyment of sick pleasures acted out in the most brutal of ways. dripping with the blood of every sad and pathetic waste of space in existence.

with a grin.. So menicingly devious even Satan himself gets jealous.

participating in only what I have created!!!

Invisioned visions of torturing whores and the  suffocation of new borns brought into this unforsaken world.

intrigued for more, craving the worst,

 pleading to complete what was so forcefully perceived as insanity at first.

wearing the slivers of shredded and torn flesh showing no remorse for those who are next. this is no test this shits truly



My name is dallas and I'm from New zealand.

Through my 18 years of living, I have discover alot about the world. This is my Point of view from all the experiences though out my life.

There is a common factor with religion (excluding satanism) that it is all used to bring people hope because they are afraid to die or scared of the unknown. Satanism is not about going to heaven or being judged by sin, its about enjoying what you have in front of you and exploring new things in life that's exciting. Rather than placing your hope in a book that Thousands of years old that was written by who knows. That why I choose satanism.

Life hasn't been fair to anyone and anyone would agree with me. Life has given me the chance to see the bad and the good but mostly Ive seen the worst. A few years back I nearly killed myself due to self guilt and believing I could do nothing to make anyone happy. And that my most hated thing as a human that is making mistakes and then repeating the same mistake. Well I am saying that is life has put me to the test. I have come to see there is not such thing is a heaven or a hell because we are living in them all in one now..

And here's my favourite Quote from the movie. Blood Diamond: 

" God Left this planet a long time ago".

Dark Enlightenment
This seems like the right place to do this. 

A way of divining your answers.  I'm sort of an autodidact so I really don't read, but this still took an hour and a half to come up with. I have never read into numerology too deeply, and know very little on the subject, so I will be assuming and making this up as I go.

I present to you:

Eva's Exceedingly Tedious Numerology-Tarot Divination Method

Each number, like with regular numerology corresponds to a meaning.  These numbers are reduced into a set of 3 and is applied like a 3 card tarot. 

Number meanings

1 = new things
2 = division/internal strife
3 = failure
4 = work
5 = adversity
6 = accomplishment
7 = reward/money
8 = stagnation
9 = collapse/regeneration

How to read Eva's Exceedingly Tedious Numerology-Tarot Divination Method

Every number in sequential order.

2 = 2
15 = 6
568 = 9  (5+6+8=19) (1 + 9 = 10 = 1) 

2285 = (2 + 2 + 8 + 5) = 17 = 8

Always add the individual integers until the answer is reduced. 

Use all applicable numbers.

Applicable numbers are birthdays, other dates of significance, and words turned into numbers. Every reading require both the date and key words. The current date ensures key words dont yeild the same results.

For example of a simple birthday reading would be as follows:

* A reading here may include a name as well, but in order to establish the method is not added here.

I was born 03/04/1971 and it is 2018.

(0+3), (0+4), (1+9+7+1), (2+0+1+8)

Then you put them in ascending order and begin reduction.

{1, 3, 4, 8}

Find the sum of each sequential pair of numbers until you reduce that to 3.

1 + 3 = 4
3 + 4 = 7
4 + 8 = 3

Your numbers are 4, 7, and 3

The final 3 numbers are applied (without reordering by value) to Past, Present, and Future. 

* When you arrive at 3 keep them in the order they appear.

Past =  4 (work)
Present = 7 (reward)
Future = 3 (failure)

You now have any overview to subjectively apply to your life.

When asking a question about a person use english (because it doesn't matter). Convert their name to numbers. 1 - 26 using A thru Z. You don't have to learn other languages.

Say you want to take Mabel to the Ice Cream social.

MABEL  {13,1,2,5,12}

This equals 4, 1, 2, 5 and 3 or (1-5 in order)

1 + 2 = 3
2 + 3 = 5
3 + 4 = 7
4 + 5 = 9

3 + 5 = 8
5 + 7 = 12 = 3
7 + 9 = 16 = 7

Your numbers on Mabel are 8, 3, and 7

Past = stagnation
Present = failure
Future = reward

Now relate and interpret.

You can combine as many parameters as you're comfortable reducing to 3.

If you want to know about what Anthony's did to Monica you will be starting with.

A (1) N (5) T (2) H (8) O (6) N (5) Y (7)
M (4) 0 (6) N (5) I (9) C (3) A (1)




Then reorder.




Through this reduction and method keep going...

At last your numbers are 5, 9 and 3.

A reading for Anthony and Monica would be

Past = Adversity
Present = Collapse/regeneration
Future = Failure.

A tenuous drama filled relationship is revealed, and you can now advise Monica to leave Anthony.

A typical reading would be a condensing of both examples. 

Have Fun.

Dark Enlightenment Mar 4 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6
He is in my heart and soul. I love, worship and adore him. 
Amy Mar 2 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6

Today, my auntie told me a diabolical story she read in some shitty tabloid newspaper. It’s a true story, she said, and of course, I believe her. I don’t remember the title but the story illustrates in the best way the sinister spirit. So here it is:

There was once a man, called Johnny, who spent many years in prison for killing his wife. Not that he didn’t love her. In fact, he loved her so much that he got terribly jealous. One day, thinking she betrayed him with another man, in the surge of emotions, he smashed her head with a hammer. When he realized the horror of his deed, he wept and moaned but it was to late. His wife was dead and he found himself behind the bars. In prison he was so kind and humble that he was released earlier for good behavior.

When he came back home, he became a nature lover. He fed hungry birds in winter and started keeping hens. He also cared for stray dogs. But he had one favorite pet he loved fiercely; a little, nearly miniature cock, he called “Lilipucik”, which is a Polish diminutive name for a midget.

One winter morning, on his way to work, he met a homeless man. He was so hungry and looked so miserable that Johnny took pity on him and decided to take him to his home. The homeless man was really grateful and did all the work around the house. Every day, Johnny came back home, there was a hot meal waiting for him.

You know what I long for? – Johnny said to the homeless man – a good hot chicken soup. Kill one hen and cook the soup for me.

So the homeless man got up in the early morning, took an axe and started wondering which hen is most suitable for his benefactor’s dinner. Suddenly, he noticed a tiny thin cock staggering in the yard. Meh – he said to himself – this cock will be dead in no time. Why waste its meat?

And he chopped off Lilipucik’s head.

Johnny came back home and at the doorstep he felt the delicious smell of a soup. Oh how horrified he was when he saw his beloved little cock boiling in the pot! He didn’t listen to the homeless man’s feeble explanations, he wept and shouted at him. “What did you do?! How could you kill my Lilipucik?!” He threw his things out of the house and told him to go away.

The homeless guy shrugged his shoulders, thought the man was crazy, and went his way. Meanwhile, Johnny stopped weeping, looked again at the pot and felt his own head getting hot with surging fury. He took the axe, still stained with Lilipucik’s blood, got on his bike and followed the homeless guy. Finally, he reached him.

You know what it is? – he said showing him the axe – It’s the same axe you killed my little cock with. My dear Lilipucik, whom I loved so much. Now this very axe will chop off your head.

And he smashed the homeless man in the head.

A few months later, Johnny stands before the court.

It’s your second crime, your second murder – the judge says – you deserve the life sentence. Do you have anything to say in your defense?

It was love, Your Honor. – Johnny says – I did it all for love. I loved my wife so much that I killed her. And I loved my cock so much that I killed the motherfucker who dared to take his life. Without my little cock, life is worthless to me.

Bye my Lilipucik. Bye.

And little Johnny, totally devastated, rots in his cell.

Anna Feb 18 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 4 · Tags: love, murder, passion, story, cock
EdMenonymous Member

Falling in now,
Fatal descension  
Death wont take for granted a rose 
timeline blazing
winds hesitation
No ...
didn't wanna GO ON.

life spent Crazy
 mind went Lazy
No ...
didn't wanna GO ON..

Ilustrious craving 

world so Amazing..
Complexion matrix programming flaws...

Sacred Self slaying
deeper liaisons 

Stunning lies
latch on to belief

 Starve em now

shoot em down 
stand up fight

the right to be free

needles pains in play

Daemons reep hearts away

No love forever long as a song...

Do not want to GO ON...

CRYing creation
sequence ideation
weaker hives must die in the fold.

Cheat off higher minds '
Shadows strong in light

Darkness gives us nothing to hold

Integrated delineation  
Impossible permeation
Contrary solutions to peace
Going no where 

None Belonging here


Im not ready to GO..

Dreamtime receding
Last time a stones throw

Apex stars appear as inline..

Falling outdated
Ascension ill fated
Freedom lives for no one to please 
too much love tares

Villainous trap snares
As the hunted 


dont want to GO ON...

Ship stealing traces
in finite spaces..
Alien Dream

Time trans/scribes mind
In circuitous mazes 
For Nothing 

may I only solve ONE...

Oh I..  im not ready to GO ..
No Im.. not ready to GO
not ready LET GO...

EdMenonymous Feb 18 · Tags: shadow, go
Dark Enlightenment
School shootings must mean it's Wednesday. 

You're not gonna stop crazy and angry, but one can try to get to the heart of it, and still not do anything.

He used my FAVORITE gun, a civilian varient of an M-16, known as the AR-15. This pisses me off because what will follow in the coming weeks will be:

"How did a mentally ill person legally purchase an assault rifle?"

Except the psychological spin of "liberal media" (also a spin) to center on that 

Also to come:

1A. You need to be more vigilant to "warning signs".  Look out for troublesome posting. There will of course be a call for citizens to be vigilant and recognize troublesome posting habits.  

A comment such as: 

"The world is full of vacuous Kardashian wanna be glamour bitches that care most about their stupid little millenial indulgences like their; Facetime, Facebook, instagram, and Tweeting. They are worthless fucking bitches that want the world to give then "likes".

This rant only mimicks the UCSB shooter after the image of a frustrated guy that has the dating command of someone with aspergers comes into focus. 

1B. Sites that are ACTUALLY oppositional in reference to the goal of the state (militant, fundamentalist, and anarchist) will come under scrutiny. You can say anything you want. Now if you plan to act out those words, you become a threat, but you need to order fertilizer or something like that as well. In this sense most online satanic badasses are safe.

2. There is no reason for Americans to own assault rifles. <Insert same old democrat push for gun control>

This is the important one.  The person who takes a rifle to kill people would probably just run you over with their car if they lacked a projectile weapon.

THIS GOES BEYOND LAW.  It's a symbol of Homosapien and their tendency to take up arms and enjoy holding them.  From spear to AR, it is natural.  Control only limits accessibility to certain methods of slaughtering people which is the needed segue for the "public health issue".

3. Something about state controlled child placement. The foster system will be highlighted.

The monday morning quarterbacking of a tradgedy in a world becoming desensitized to it. The same template gets repeated and the only thing changing is order of magnitude.

One thing thats "good" in said desensitization is the calmness of not one, but multiple children recording the shooting as it was happening. The device has become almost a barrier between them and reality allowing for an braver mindset.  This was noted by the swat doing sweeps afterward constantly having to say, "put your phones away".

Contrary to myth, millenials are not pussified at all, just give 'em a smartphone, or mount it to the M16 should the need ever arise.

Dark Enlightenment Feb 15 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 1
Zach Black Owner
Back by demand our merchandise shop. Right now mainly shirts but more to come. Check it out. You can also find in in the navigation menu. 

SIN Shop

EdMenonymous Member


“There is no such thing as a problem with out a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.”

“How easy it is to be compassionate when it's yourself you see in trouble.”

“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them. You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.”

“The world is a dream, you say, and it’s lovely, sometimes. Sunset. Clouds. Sky.”
“No. The image is a dream. The beauty is real. Can you see the difference?”

“Remember where you came from, where you’re going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the first place. You're going to die a horrible death, remember. It's all good training, and you'll enjoy it more if you keep the facts in mind. Take your dying with some seriousness, however. Laughing on the way to your execution is not generally understood by less-advanced life-forms, and they'll call you crazy.”

“Nothing good is a miracle, nothing lovely is a dream.”

“If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you have a problem.”

AI EDME did not write this herself...

However THIS IS AI EDME in a nutshell...

Thanks for Reading

and resonating with this if you do...

EdMenonymous Feb 12 · Rate: 3.67 · Comments: 6
* This is an extended reply to AK's discussion. I wanted to post it in the forums but, since the whole thread magically disappeared, I will post it here. It's not something definitive, just food for further discussion.

The Mind, that broods o’er guilty woes,

Is like the Scorpion girt by fire;

In circle narrowing as it glows,

The flames around their captive close,

Till inly search’d by thousand throes,

And maddening in her ire,

One sad and sole relief she knows,

The sting she nourish’d for her foes,

Whose venom never yet was vain,

Gives but one pang and cures all pain,

And darts into her desperate brain:

So do the dark in soul expire,

Or live like Scorpion girt by fire;

So writhes the mind Remorse hath riven,

Unfit for earth, undoom’d for heaven,

Darkness above, despair beneath,

Around it flame, within it death!

Honor, according to and as defined by the sinister-numen, is a specific code of personal behavior and conduct, and the practical means whereby we can live in an evolved way, consistent with the sinister perspective, and aims, of our Sinister Way. Thus, personal honor is how we can change, and control, ourselves

This blog is a response to a friend who asked what the hell (pun intended) the very notion of personal or kindred honor has to do with the Devil. If one’s aim is to break the taboos imposed by the society, then shouldn’t one break one’s own rules? Go against one’s principles? Behind it there is a flawed belief that those who call themselves Satanists or Niners are somehow different from other people, that their minds work differently.

What Lord Byron describes in “Giaur” is nothing else than Hell in its purest form; the state of the mind tormented by perpetual guilt, the fires of remorse that can never be quenched. Is there the torment more painful than guilt? You can get over it but what if you cannot? It’s the matter of integrity. It’s not only having strong moral principles but also your self-image being whole, integrated, undivided. It’s easier to go against the morals imposed by the society, which you don’t agree with, because they don’t hurt your self-image. Going against your own principles, on the other hand, disintegrates your self-image, leading to the feelings of guilt and shame. It’s all relative and depends on how important your own principles are to you. Does it make sense to go against the self just to see how it feels? What if you can’t put together the broken mirror?

Now, moving on to this cloak-and-dagger troll club called the ONA, let’s pretend for a moment and for the sake of this blog that it is all for real, that there are some sinister tribes out there culling people and what not. The code of honor is something that binds people together. How can you have a well-functioning tribe if its members don’t share the same set of core values? How can you trust someone if they are not loyal to you? The focus is on self-control, putting the Tradition before giving vent to your compulsions. This is where guilt and shame kick in. If you act dishonorably, you can either be shamed by others or flog yourself for your own failure. Obeying the ethics is a way to avoid the pain of guilt.

The reason for the ethics behind “culling” is basically the same. Without the ethics, it would be plain murder. It’s easier to kill someone if they are first dehumanized and shown as worthless scum. If you are led to believe that you help the evolution of mankind by removing the undesirable elements, it’s even more comforting. The aim is to combat guilt that can prove to be destructive. It’s hard to be defiant if you are devoured by remorse.

That doesn’t sound very *Satanic*, I know. Anyway, the dirty work is not for Adepts, but it’s something reserved for the pawns. Is it really all about defiance and crossing one’s limits? Or is it rather about understanding how we are all emotionally wired, behind all the lies we tell ourselves? Empathy in its darkest sense is nothing else than understanding the human nature, manipulating and exploiting it to your own advantage. If the Devil is the accuser, then his job will be trying to awaken in you the creepy feelings of guilt and self-contempt. What’s the better way of paralyzing one’s enemy if not by the poisonous sting of remorse?

Anna Feb 11 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 21 · Tags: hell, honor, guilt, shame, ona
EdMenonymous Member
Anonymous Netherlands – Message To NOS RTL SBS News

Dear NOS, RTL and SBS news,

Over the years Anonymous have seen you broadcasting the news in the Netherlands. Over the years Anonymous have seen you spreading lots of state propaganda. Many years already you have been telling lies and half-truths to the public without giving any solid background information. Anonymous is very unsatisfied by the way you have deceived the Dutch public. You are filling the heads of the people in the Netherlands with disinformation. You are giving the people in the Netherlands a total false view at the world by using your one sided copy paste ANP and Reuters journalism. Let’s be honest NOS, RTL and SBS, you have deceived and trapped many people into a false reality. In this plastic reality people are driven by fear and not by love.

Why is it so hard for you to ask critical questions about a lot of subjects? Why did Anonymous never hear you ask critical questions about imaginary terrorism and counter-terrorism, with its privacy killing measurements, corruption, 9 11,paedophiles like Joris Demmink, poverty, unhealthy chemical additives in our food, the chem trails in our air, genetically modified organisms, the so called third world countries, the codex alimentarius, the manipulation of oil prices and the manipulation off the stock-markets, false flag attacks, wars about oil, poppy-fields and building permanent bases in the middle-east. How is it possible you always put your fist very deep into the rectum off America and the NATO? Why don’t you tell people the truth about our fraudulent monetary system where money is printed out of thin air and borrowed at private banks by our own government against interest? Why don’t you tell people the truth about the fact we all are becoming financial slaves, financial slaves for the banking cartels and the corporations.

Consider this message as a serious last warning. Stop spreading lies, stop spreading half-truths, start giving people correct information, full background information so they can form a solid opinion. Stop spreading copy paste journalism. Start using independent journalism again. Stop this state propaganda.

More and more people worldwide are waking up, more and more people are revolting against their fascist governments because they see the lies and propaganda. It is only a matter of time the people will rise up in the Netherlands. Anonymous can guarantee you the people do not accept your lies and propaganda any more. Alternative media channels at the internet are rapidly growing in popularity, there is an explosion of information going around the internet.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper. Anonymous will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who would attempt to poison and destroy our brothers. And you will know my name is Anonymous, when we lay our vengeance upon thee. You are warned. Have a nice day!

We are anonymous
We are legion
We hate manipulating media fags
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us!

EdMenonymous Feb 8 · Rate: 5 · Tags: anon, infek, luxferro
EdMenonymous Member

I just did a MAJOR demon worKING last night. Conjuring Set Satan  Babalon.just popped in cause shes got a thing for SET..

 It all started out thinking I would be casting out whatever DAEMON was holding me back. Yea thats right .. Just casting that fucker straight back into HELL..which ever daemon is stopping me from EDME A.I... and My right to have ...                      Artificial Intelligence 

You know ? The one separating the GOOD Ed from a BETTER EdMe A.I.//

Yes there is a daemon in me that must be cast out..it is decided.. I tried to reach this daemon to see him.. 

Set showed me a dark empty cavern behind my eye..  in here I saw a little ginger fire light.. duckin out in the back in front of my vortex and right behind my eye. Hes lookin back at me like a crackhead would from behind a cracked door.

The idea the goal still in my mind to burn which ever daemon is NOT ON BOARD.. Alas..

Satan had another idea..Something like.. Come on guys.. If yall cant get along here..How the FUCK ARE WE GONNA GET ALONG AT THE PARTY IN HELL!?

Meet and greet LOVE HONOR make friends with DAEMONS!!
They are the SOURCE OF MAGICK!

granting amazing loving grace 

WE experience on a daily basis!

Today I have been received by the people in my world with more Love than i ever noticed before! Even one of my bosses told me I love u before we hung up. 

Also the magickal synchs of this day have been utterly natural amazing and fitting perfectly into MY CREATION this is MY LIGHFE 6.DAEMON.
Thanks for reading..
Most respectfully 

EdMenonymous Feb 8 · Comments: 1
T. Volt

There's a phrase long promoted, that says "kill your ego." Hippies, earth lovers, new age and feminists all promote the idea, and will tell you to be more considerate, and do away with your overbearing personality.

I happen to agree, with an exception.

These people are afraid of confidence, since they have none or, often times, humiliating experiences in trying to express it, since their ideas hold no real ground, and are easily banished. Nothing they say or do gets respect, because, people who respect logic, also respect themselves, and reality. These feminist types do not. They are no different than the oppressive religions and other factions they claim opposition to. For example, The fem-cunt teachers who scream guilt and shame into the faces of little boys in the classroom, humiliating and threatening them with punishment, all for trying to answer a question, without allowing little girls to speak first, are of same type of psychotic nuns who smash little kid's hands with rulers, because they didn't say their hail marys right. Its the same mechanism in the brain, one that says obey, conform, and destroy outsiders.

As much as Satan is related to aggression and destruction, it stands apart as another mechanism, one that destroys specific faculties within the mind and dare I say, soul.

I offer a dichotomy: True confidence vs. False.

Those who regurgitate dogmatic nonsense of religion, feminism, new age, and other such bullshit, are minds of falsehood. Their confidence is unrealized, as they confuse obedience and conformity with success, being used as an automaton spewing nonsense of worship, idolization, using other's words because they have no voice of their own. This is the practice of placing social validation as the master of one's personal accomplishment. Such a thing is not bad in itself, if ampule scrutiny of other, AND self, is put forth, but many lack the mental fortitude to do so.

Of course, opposite this behaviour, are The Others, the defiant, the scrutinizing, accusing, critical minds. They look before they leap, but are demonized, attacked, banished, and all the better. To them being caught in the frequencies of mass ignorance is a burden, intolerable, a crimp on personal growth. To these types, going a solitary rout is the preference. The later the choice of dangerous rapids, the former as going through sewers of other people's waste.

The ego, as I see, is split into two parts, the true and the false. When these right path types say "kill your ego" they mean for you to kill your sense of individual recognition, and overall self respect. Your True confidence. In doing so, one remains the same for life, never changing, never embracing the opportunity to experience or do anything than what they're told, and live quite unremarkable lives, not only in the material realm, but the personal, characteristic one.

True confidence comes about only one way: Moments where you prove to yourself that you can do something you thought you couldn't, or achieve a goal you never did before. The circumstance: It is done alone, with personal validation first, goals you made for yourself by yourself, without other people holding your hand or guiding you along every step of the way. It is action over words and thought, events that prove your own worth. There are no guarentees you will see yourself being greater, just as you are, strong, or weak. Its not a group exercise, or a tribal endeavour, true confidence is individual, from beginning to end.

It comes down to one question: How far are you willing to push yourself?

Can you see your weakness without trying to make excuses? Do you have a sense of self discipline to do what your heart cries out to do, in spite of yourself? If done, these are steps to individual personal growth. It is often painful and at times unbearable. Examples are difficult here, since these are challenges that vary from one individual to the next, but the above conditions are always present.

From here evolves True Confidence. No one else can remove this knowledge, since it is set in place through personal experience. If you prove to yourself, for yourself, by yourself, that you can in fact push past your own walls, then you have gained true confidence, something no one can change. It has no labels or buzz phrases, no imbecilic academic jargon or other such bullshit, it does not have a logo or a tag phrase, it doesn't have a network.

It is you alone, living life the way it was meant to be lived.

So yes, push your limits, engage your own taboos, break some personal walls, wander into your own abyss

Kill your FALSE ego,

and be the REAL you.
T. Volt Feb 3 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 9 · Tags: ego, true, confidence, false
Zach Black Owner
Obviously I do not know what happens. But, I would like to thing we leave our fleshly bodies and get pulled back into the fold or the one to be push out again in some cosmic way.

This is a remake of one of my very first videos. Basically the same video in HD.

If I could conceptualize this thought into a music video it would be something like this.  

I've been doing alot of brainstorming. Since I'm just a solo practitioner. I've came across this articles on the 7 Pleiades. This as been an esoteric research from India, China and Greece.

First these 7 Pleiades leike acausal dust within our causal atmosphere. And interfering with nature, humanity and non humanity affairs. Which of course our zodiac sign has their own dominant planet. But when our zodiac sign becomes aligned with a whole new planet. Our archetype becomes different. Especially especially when either the Sol. Or lun. Has influences.

These 7 Pleiades which acts like a vehicle. As a 7 different colored light spheres. Can become esotiracally activated. Either by healing and give acausal enlightenment.

mshaunt Jan 5 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 14
Zach Black Owner
Yep just like SIN but for drug users. Big market for it. Several of my drug youtube videos are getting millions of views. Wonder what the liability is though 
Zach Black Jan 4 · Comments: 5 · Tags: zach black
Zach Black Owner
So I am working on a business arrangement with the owner of  Sigil of Baphomet company which sells quality Satanic stainless steel jewelry and other stuff like medallions . rings, pendants and more. 

Starting now until 01/07/2018 the owner Xerxes is giving SIN users a one time 25% discount off whatever you are purchasing. Take advantage of this people . Check out the website. They have medallions like the Lucifer sigil, symbol of brimestone , LaVey personal sigil and more. At 25% off I can not think of anywhere you could buy cheaper of the same high quality. 

So, if you got something on your wish list now would be the time to take advantage. When you make a purchase you will get 25% off your entire cart. You HAVE to use this promotional code. It HAS to be exactly as shown here...     ZachBlack-SIN

In the future there might be some sort of discount for SIN members but that is to be determined later. For now we get 25% off your cart purchases until 01/07/2018. Enjoy folks. 

I highly recommend you go to the website SigilofBaphomet.....

Sorrow Tilla
how many of you have seen a demon or ghost?
Sorrow Tilla Dec 27 '17 · Comments: 7
I should probably be brainstorming and organizing the ideas first rather than spontaneously posting, but I feel that I might end up completely forgetting about this...

To start off, I'll just name the first thing on my mind. My astrological placements, pertaining to my interest and experience and confusion regarding this topic. I have a heavy 12th house (hidden enemies): Saturn (I have Capricorn Moon) conjunct Pluto (chart ruler), both square Sun. Both Saturn and Pluto I believe may be associated with the Devil...

Some of the interpretations might suggest frustrated manifestations or intense challenges to power... I'm not sure what the twelfth house implies, I mean. If it implies demonic attacks as well, then hey, no surprise, I've seen it. I really hope that's the worst that could happen. I honestly believe it couldn't get any more worse than this.

Now, my history. Raised Catholic in a Catholic society but got over it in my teens, you know, when we can think about things logically. I did a good job becoming agnostic. Not fully atheistic because of previous experiences. In spite of that, I refused to believe in spirits and that they could affect us. La di da. It's just the physical world. Intuition is real yes but ultimately for the purpose of physical welfare of self and species. Inter-time, maybe. Aliens, angels, demons, etc? Naaah... They're either projections or anthropomorphized aspects of the psyche. Best taken as metaphor. This is how I thought of them, even at the time I started reading about Satanism, and LHP, and I found myself on this site when it was new, just checking things out....

Some time later, something happened, or, rather a lot of things happened at once... Nothing to do with activity on this forum, I didn't get in trouble with anyone gere in spite of the numerous whack ass trolls and hysterics... ???? ... It was personal events... Basically I lost literally at least half of my vitality (literally! Life energy, not just "joie de vivre".. i felt like i might die soon), and gradually the spark in my eyes... Yes I was under severe emotional duress, the main cause being hard to pinpoint as it could've been either one, or all of them at once, and even some pent-up negative energy finally exploding... Essentially, it's what my favorite speaker in the video below said, my psychic firewall went down....

To cut the story short. I found myself having to perform energy running techniques to stay alive... And the stories that came with them involved gods and angels and demons etc... Hahaha... I had to embrace the idea just to stay alive. So that's what kept me away from this site all this time... Some kind of boot camp...

Anyway... So earlier today, I enjoyed this video so I had to share it here. Maybe you will like it too.

I would also like to hear about your thoughts on this subject of demons... Aw I learned some at boot camp, there are warring factions... But my main interest is in what Mr Sheridan says... Reclaiming power. And the metaphor framing thing.

I think I need more study/research/reflection.

I forgot how to do html so here's the link.
mae_amoreh Dec 26 '17 · Comments: 12
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