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Rev.Ronald.French Oct 16 · Rate: 5 · Tags: media, objectivity, spoon feed, 1984, metoo
My religion teacher is trying to get different people from different religions to talk to our high school class. If I can get her to agree would any of you come to my high school and talk to our class about leveyan satanism?
AngelMarie Oct 12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: school, satanism, leveyan, class, azle, religion class
I fail to comprehend how anyone can sit idly by and let any religion flourish. Is anyone here truly familiar with the number 666? It translates from Hebrew as Kaiser Neron or Caesar Nero. Nero himself stated that when the human race put more faith in it's gods than itself, the world would surely crumble. I hear even other Satanists say " let them believe what they wish, it doesn't effect me." On the contrary, it effects you more than you know. I have several great examples of how the Abrahamic God holds power over you all. For instance, your words are not considered valid in the court of law unless you take an oath on their sacred book. Every politician elected so far, whether right wing or left, believes in a talking snake, burning bush, and that mankind came from two people.  We wonder why they aren't efficient in office, but we elect them, knowing the believe insane shit like that?! Lastly, the currency you spend says that you trust in their God. Whether you do or do not is irrelevant as one thing is for certain, you need the money that says you do. Without it, you can't live. If that's not power, then wtf is?!

Iblis Oct 8 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 40
The LHP and the occult in general has suffered from communication blocks since it's beginning. In modern times this may cause a person to lurk rather than join or worry about meeting others in the real world. Information about the occult is spotty and in some cases difficult to find, if you don't know where to look. I have tried to distribute what I know but I can see others have done the same thing. The community is still largely uninformed and poorly connected. In Thelema we use the word "Promulgation" which is an alternative to protestation. It meas that instead of knocking on doors or screaming in the streets we simply attempt to give the "this is what we do and think."speech. Even when one does this for Thelema or the LHP or any occult group for that matter, there are distinct problems.

This is made worse when one reaches a point where any learning outside of what can be found in an Amazon search or a moderate period of research a wall is encountered. This is made worse when some teaching groups are simply bent on hero worship or rigid dogma.

Groups like the Rosicrucians and Theosophists have maintained large occult libraries for at least a century and several occult libraries exist online but again a wall is encountered that would not exist if community were better.

Despite how independent one is learning is always faster if collaboration exists on some level. Many groups, however have several limits and gatekeepers which create a giant corn maze that serves no purpose, except to insure the occult is, in the words of Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia considered " Silly, barbarous, and cruel."

The situation is made even more crazy when you take into account that some of the better occult groups have goals and focus that is not told to the initiates but given at higher levels. I have often complained that this procedure not only ensures initiates arrive at the point of the meaning of a group not by choice but by chance and indoctrination. This seems counter-productive. It also keeps the adepts locked away in echo chambers and unchallenged in lock step with whatever system they are into, thus acting to retard the system from evolving.

I have noticed that the more advanced voices in the occult have been surprisingly inactive and quiet on several sites on the web, leaving the uninformed, sloppy, or showy occultists to rule the roost and write the narrative the public sees.

Maybe my expectations for occult groups are too high. I have noticed some more well known groups both RHP and LHP lament that membership should be better and that something should be done about the public narrative.

Perhaps it seems that I too have donned the tinfoil hat when I talk of the tinfoil hat crowd saying that Luciferians control the media and Hollywood or that there are stories of Thelemites feeding cakes of light to the child slaves on mars in the slave mines. All this is just silliness, right?

In the 80s the police and psychologists were looking into recovered memory phenomena, made films about how occult murders were commonplace, and evangelists were considered "occult experts" by both groups.

I see a pile of dry wood. We can either treat it to make it fire resistant and build something, or we can do nothing as it ignites and burns us.

I am not rabble rousing here, or at least I hope I am not. I want to move forward with things and see the existing communication networks as a way to create unity and collaborate.

Some will pause because the very thought of social media makes them cringe. Some will see this as unnecessary as the communities they are in are large and safe and the surrounding secular and religious environment seems tame and accepting.

To those who feel let down by social media with its knee jerk politics, selfies, and pictures of meals, I say that just because a thing can be used in a silly manner does not mean that it can be used for better things.

To those in the comfortable large communities basking in acceptance or at least tolerance, I say that not everybody has that luxury. Geography and life situation can create barriers that should not exist.

Better communication and collaboration would help everyone. To those marooned for a myriad of reasons a vibrant online community can be a lifeline. It allows them to live in intolerant and even hostile areas and still learn and grow. Perhaps ultimately allowing them to change the way we are regarded and treated in areas and social groups most of us avoid.

Some of us live in areas and situations of lukewarm intolerance. No one is lynching us and the cops do not get called every time we might forget our voices and get a little loud in ritual but we may fear loss of job if discovered or may be maligned by our family and even friends. I lament that I was not allowed to attend my nieces wedding. I do not blame my family, I blame the muffle over the voice of our community and how it allows people outside to define us.

More community means that our systems and methods would improve. The reasons for this are obvious.

I am not some guru or an expert just a dedicated enthusiast. I have no ambitions for leadership in the community outside of this identity I mention. I am not trying to display humility as I can brag with the best of them. I am just tired of the silly games I have to play every time I get into a group or website to get the ball rolling.

I enjoy working with a group and have sometimes worked alone. I just believe that both types of practitioners would benefit by exchange of knowledge outside of available texts, an improved public narrative, a larger pool of those new people that bring with them more approaches to the various problems and enigmas we face and perhaps new questions.

I am tired of the phenomena of the curious student who fears trying out something they read about and have interest in, because they cannot find a "master", "linage", or "tradition." The interest becomes a pipe dream as they become shaped by whatever is available. We can do better.

To this end I have spent the last year poking my nose into various occult social media sites and online resources. I have not seen them all, surely, but I have made friends along the way.

Occasionally I run into folks in my area but even though that was my original intention I am thinking along a much greater scope.

There are new sites cropping up like Island93 and old ones are planning revamps but I think more is possible.

I have experimented with a small online community and have found that such sites can be expanded to have a presence on several types of occult and non occult social media.

If such a thing can be done with two sites what about several? Obviously the thing many would be worried about is anonymity.

I have a test community website I have several people I interact with. They are grouped on another more conventional social media platform by different names. The connection is known only by me and in some cases not even me. I do not have such information on file or written down.

What I have done on two websites I would like to do on several, but here is the thing....I would like to see others do the same. This already exists to some extent, I want to amplify and expand this process. The lines of communication need to be improved and expanded.

I really do not know where this process is taking me if anywhere at all. I do believe that the value of a network over a single venue is that a single site can be taken down, censored and dominated. Doing this to a large healthy network is much more difficult. Not really sure how to move ahead yet. If anyone has any ideas please collaborate with me, if you want. All PMs mentioning the network will be responded to regardless of source or content.

"It is bad enoughto hear of the 'great teachings' of Aleister Crowley-who hypocritically called himsel by the Christian devil's number, yet steadfastly denied any Satani connections, who wrote and had published millions of words of Kabbalisitic mulligatawny, the distilled wisdom of which could have been contained in a single volume of once-popular E. Haldeman Julius' 'Little Blue Books... Strange, how seldom one hears plaudits for Crowley's poetry, worthy of inclusion with the likes of James Thompson, Baudelaire, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E. Howard. If Crowley was a magician, it was the beauty of his creative art which made him so, not his drug-befuddled callings-up of Choronzon, et al. Unfortunately, his followers today have taken up his worst, while neglecting his best."--Anton Lavey: On Occultism from the Past

Whatever one thinks of Lavey, I argue there is a larger point being made. It seems to me that much of Modern Satanism appears to have come to a standstill. Some want to blame it on "society" being too accepting and taking away it's "edge." 

Some may view it that way, but my anecdotal observation is that people are becoming more and more aware and are embracing real Satanic ideas. This is not reflective in the media, which would caraciture it into something nonthreatening. I am not personally unfulfilled because I enjoy doing my part to hasten the new satanic age on the micro level, which has given me forms of art and personal success that I found personally fulfilling. 

It may be that people may require new occultic practices are necessary to break free of commercial appropriation. If isolated it will likely and from what I understand inhibit progress. I don't have that problem because I see it reflected fluidly in my personal world and space, and the edge and joy is still there apart from the commercialization. The question that may need to be asked however as some may need a renewal exercise is whether it is done exclusively for the rush of occultic experiences, or is it alsoc concurrently fueled by a consistent and passionate goal that can keep the engine running? Worldy drives and persuits with a clear vision of the world it is designed to effect is critical. If all you see is Mily Cyrus talking about what a good guy Satan is, then you are only engaged with the construct, and may be a primary problem with occultic success and progress.

samowens84 Oct 4 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 10 · Tags: occult satanism


    Human consciousness is a bottomless pit that I dared not gaze into. It is much easier to graze the surface, pay bills, fuck, sleep and eat. I loved living with the pretense of sophistication while bumping around like a bobble head doll spinning in a pinball machine, all the while the lights would dazzle me into a state of stupefied mirroring the stupidity and wonder of a drugged mental patient or a faithful church goer. Once the pit is acknowledged no light can escape from it, however. The darkness calls the will to power out of the machine. Satan is there, and nothing I am. While others go to A.A. meetings or church or whatever public union tickles their pickle, it is the places they fear where I find her. I find her in the strip clubs, I find her at the casino, in the chat rooms, on facebook. I see her joy in blessed destruction of artificial paper dolls that used to glow with the light of righteousness, but now rot with the smell of corpses. The place I truly first met her however, was in a place far more mundane. I met her in a Waffle House. My power was there, and so was hers. The phoenix and the crow began their slow descent into the toilet bowl of consciousness and would stand and rise above and below the waves of dreary lives.

    She was dancing while adversity was at home prancing. Hope and fear were purged. Satan is here, and so God and the Devil met at four o’clock during a mundane Thursday afternoon. Someone was there with me. He was a prisoner, and so his name is gone. His inspiration of prison and envy inspired my call to her. “I like your shirt,” I observed with a smile of crows that filled my eyes and an indifference that gleamed her attention towards me. So began my journey to hell. The glory of resurrection hinted in her smile as only God would know how well She would need the devil to guide her through the endless night of ape like adorers who revel in the light and die in the darkness. She cried out for a guide, and so as a falcon I arrived. My existence was profane to light worshipers who could not live apart from the sign of the sun, who would fall asleep and hate as my darkness covered them in evening shroud. One, two, three. One two three. Each fell with the silence of a lonely tree. Echoed in the woods they knew. They knew! Life would not echo back their sound! They were dead and would die because no one was around! Nothing is what they are! Nothing is what they were!-And to nothing they have returned. Unable to observe themselves they had to die as the sun waved them by.

    One I was intent to destroy but withheld my scepter at the Sun’s command. It hers to die, and hers to smite his unworthy weary cry. It was for him to cry out to life how he would love to die while begging for light to save him from the darkness that would swallow him while the crows sing him a lullaby. You are worthy!-you are worthy!-they cry. They eat his flesh and live in his bones. What a wonderful treat you are! You fed us! we don’t lie! We will die without your rot and root giving us shelter while we stave off the danger of the moon’s incessant chanting and humming. In fear of the night they obey. Satan commands and they stay. They scrape his bones, and revel in his pain. Vultures love the dying rabbit! They worship him in circles and fly in obedience to the sun. But the sun is still falling, and still must run, run, run! The drum has barely begun while the snake and star open the gate to the next bazaar.

For it is door number two that leans into the chant. “I love your light!” they cry. “Won’t you give me a chance!” Being obedient to her nature, the sun will oblige. The night will not suffer the light. It is the moon’s turn tonight. Though they plan, though they plot. Her loyal trait is not there to improve her lot. She visits me. She is set for me. In the dire eyes of hunger and need, we meet again with waffles and greed. Wrath is her name tonight. “Purge yourself of your wrath onto those that would harm you! Destroy those that seek to devour you! Love will not light the way against the coming waves of those who think they own your light! Love yourself! Love your light! It is yours, as you must guide yourself against the traps that are set against you in the guise of right!” She listens. It is a call she knows. It is a call for her. It was always meant for her. It always consumed her. She had to escape into the sun so as not to be devoured by my consuming darkness when her time would rise. However, the time of light has set, and set into darkness she must.

The Just must find their place in the deep nothing that supports. Though darkness must justify light, so I am. So light must beset darkness. I am Sam. Into I am, I am. Fallen I am. From the light of A.A. I never was. A.A. declares that I would be happy joyous and free! I just needed their god to become one with me! I never would! Never! Their freedom offers me chains, and my chains offer me freedom! The Phoenix gave me the scepter of the gods. To be I must give in. That which would destroy would set me free! Obsession follows me! The light cannot save me! So I descend in darkness, while the light has gone to set her own play. The swives and swerves threaten me. Their God would swallow me! So infected I was with “love!” My will is too aligned, and darkness guards me against parasitic efforts of god against me! I must descend into the chamber. Hell is where I am headed. I have a cell waiting for me. They think it is a prison. It was designed for me when I fell away from god’s disgrace. But Shame has become my glory. Pandemonium has become my dwelling place. I defeat god as he comes to drag me away in disgrace. I mock him from a distance as I no longer need to be imprisoned at the sight of his face!

samowens84 Oct 2 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: satan

People have often heard a friend/partner/parent tell them that they will love you forever. And guess what, the dumb fucks believed them. Not that the person saying and the person hearing it aren't living the same lie. Often I've observed the person telling it is just barely more sophisticated than the one believing it, and really just trying to soothe the child inside them as they pretend to play parent to the person hearing it. Either way its amusing how often otherwise "sophisticated" adults fall into this trap. People often speak of other people's "ulterior" motives as if its a "sin" or "surprise." "They didnt love me, they only loved the idea of me." Or perhaps "they were only in it for themselves." And my favorite "it was all about them." This too me sounds like the envy of someone who is still an infant who cries whenever their mother leaves the room and spoils the illusion of pretending the mother is simply an extension of themselves whose sole purpose is to meet their needs forever. Not that love does not exist for me as a Satanist, but I don't pretend I don't also have an Id, and I use it for self-preservation. Everything is temporary, so make sure you get something for you that isn't gone when the other person is. This does not have to be material goods. Usually a piece of someone else is enough to avoid the abrupt ego destruction that comes from having one's ego still hooked to the partner. If you can cut the chord and still remain whole then one can consider oneself a master of love. Be willing to walk away. Don't allow those around you to pretend that you will never betray them no matter how badly they treat you if you value their company in your life. If you dont value their company, then preserve their illusion. Let them think they are in control until that day when it takes no fucks to walk away. Uncompromising loyalty is the preferred morality of a master for his or her slave. Fuck slave morality. Self-preservation is the highest law. Doesn't mean I don't love you or care for you or even be willing to move mountains for you. However, my agenda consistently revolves around building myself up. I prefer to build up my friends as well. But if its me or you, I'm going to choose me. And guess what, so should you.

samowens84 Oct 2 · Rate: 5
There is great power in the process of Atavism, those who these days rebuke the importance of culture, religion, faith Magick and historical events are void of Soul and have little understanding of the connection between all things, all ages, all spheres of existence.
Belief systems differ of cause and my own - forged on the realization that Satan and the Demons of His Legion are real entities, manifest forces in their own right colours my own perceptions of how I may view or describe the importance of Spirituality or Atavism . . . but the perceived current and identity of a path is not important when viewing the power behind such things.

The movement of the Nazis before and during the Second World War was an atavistic event, Hitler tapped into the Aryan mindset and history, literally accessed the current of the Atavistic Aryan lineage to fuel his own ideology and objectives and drew others with similar views and objectives into his sphere of belief and direction forging a journey which almost resulted in world domination.
Atavism is strong with the Germanic and Nordic races even in the rise of the Black Metal scene in Scandinavian countries this was evident with a deep rooted aesthetic and belief system gestated from Norse Legends and Gods, to the point where even the black and white corpse paint adopted by those in this subculture was a form of resurgent atavism founded upon the appearance of the Oskorei or the Norse Wild Hunt.
Atavism is once more rising in the world - unfortunately in many ways this is taking the form of racial atavism and bringing hostile divisions and race war with it ~ this is particularly evident in the US and the UK at present . . . people see this as ironic in the US where it could be said that the whole country are immigrants, but people are missing the point, Atavism does not retain itself to lands or countries, it is inherent in the lineage of the person, sometimes even in the Soul.

Satanism when merged with an Atavistic approach is powerful and it is a method I have used for the past twenty years or so . . . when one immerses themselves in the very current of Satanism through aesthetics, legend, history, literature and classical perceptions one finds the self open to information and answers that before remained unattainable.

The mind becomes as a Gateway to the atavistic current of the Satanic, his opened to vistas before unexplored and Mysteries long lost, this is a method used by those involved in Black Alchemy where practices of this type of Left Hand Path Magick that have remained unrecorded by the written word are discovered through a form of atavistic automatic writing through an evocation of the past (historically) and of ones previous incarnations.

For those who are Atheists or Atheistic Satanists this of cause would seem a nonsense, that however does not make it untrue, the mind expanded by science is also narrowed in comprehension of that which science - as yet - not derived explanations for . . . to the Scientific minded person of Historical times the idea of space travel, the existence of planets beyond those recorded at the time etc would have seemed as ludicrous as the concept of Angels and Demons are now to the Atheist.

Books became the first atavistic keys for me ~ I was deeply ensconced in the novel La~Bas by Joris Karl Huysmans when I found myself in something of a trance state . . . somehow the book had opened up an element of my subconscious which transported me back to times I had experienced in previous incarnations seen with such clarity and definition as to leave my mind deeply disturbed for a number of days.

It is said that Hitler's own atavistic experiences started during a reading of Parzival by the 13th century poet Wolfram von Eschenbach and of cause Hitler's obsession with the Opera Parcifal by Wagner based on this epic Poem is well documented.

Atavism is played down by those without understanding of its importance as nostalgia, but nostalgia and atavism are completely different things, the first is a fond remembering of treasured times gone by, the latter is a Spiritual and/or Cultural connection to the ancient past of a certain land, faith, belief or racial lineage.

It is this pursuit of utilizing Atavism within my Occult Workings which has defined my belief in the existence of Satan and the Demonic beings of Hell, for the atavistic current that runs from the core of Satan and the realms beyond our own are powerful beyond explanation . . . more importantly this atavistic current acts as a key to unlock the subconscious and remember and tap into Black Arts and Operations that have been lost to time.

For it must be said that the heart of the Atavistic current lies in the subconscious of each of us and the heart of the subconscious is the connected inextricably to the core of the Soul.

I have often wondered how Abrahamic religions assess the threat level of a given religion. Like most of society religions like Buddhism or Hinduism are considered low threat especially if practiced by someone of the said religion's culture. The threat is slightly higher if the religion is practiced by someone from an ethnic group that is traditionally Christian.

Scientology, oddball forms of Abrahamic faith like Mormonism, and some of the more tame forms of the new age take up the next tier being reserved for those religions that might be murmurered against but are not considered a real threat.

Paganism in most of it's flavors and Judaism take up the next tier. This level a religion is considered problematic but as long as it's converts are adult and in small numbers.

Islam and some meso-pagan Christian hybrids take up the next level. This level even an individual is considered a threat but not enough to dedicate entire ministries to eradication.

The final level. Gods shit list. Those of us who are considered a threat even from our literature and thought. Satanism both atheistic and theistic, the Left Hand Path, Thelema and atheism are considered high threats even though none of these groups hurt or kill Christians in any numbers. Often we must hide behind anonymous avatars or fake religious leanings to be able to interact with normal society. Entire ministries and smear campaigns have and continued to exist for the eradication of such groups. I think this is because such groups are ethnically and culturally much the same as Christians. I am fascinated by this.  

Zoramonkey Oct 2 · Tags: atheism, satanism
I have a nephew-in-law who brags that he has no digital footprint. I find this hilarious. The Evangelists have been warning us of the system with the chips in our hands for several decades now. Even a friend of mine who I sincerely respect has voiced issues of discomfort over such distopian systems as facebook.

What on Earth could any of this have to do with the LHP? Allow me to take you there.

The RHP and conventional spirituality concerns itself really with two maybe three worlds. The physical and the spiritual and all that. I submit that the multiverse is demonstrably much larger than that.

When one practices magick in both the western and eastern traditions it is at least touched on that there are other worlds, some less gross and more sublime and others more elemental and even dark. To those of you who are theistic such realms are seen as being objectively real and to those who bend more towards the atheistic, such worlds represent states of mind and stages in development. In both cases there is a tendency to see such worlds having a linear progression or in at least two systems this is seen as a tree like pattern.

Being theistic myself I believe that if you take the tree pattern and project it outward in a fractal pattern, it is at least conceivable that in addition to the single tree and it's roots below there is a forest of infinite progression that moves outward and inward and possibly more.

It is in the physical that I wish to demonstrate that this progression continues into the infinitesimal as well as the infinite. I will try to spare you as much of the math as I am able.

Imagine the system of human knowledge as used by the authorities as it was 30 years ago. They knew you were born and if you died. They knew a bit about your larger purchases and criminal record. Who and when you married and your children.

If they wanted to they could collect information on your diet, bad habits and the like but that was it.

The limited perspective that allows triangulation and therefore not only allows visual information but distance and in some cases velocity.

Now lets extend this model to today. How much do they know? Your buying habits, your likes, your purchases large and small. The web traffic they can trace and your personal conversations....but hold on. That is a huge amount of information. They must have people watching us night and day. Actually it gets much worse.

You see no human agency could even realistically process just the information that facebook collects in a single state. They use A.I. and algorithms. Patterns are found and classified and those patterns lead to macro and micro patterns which lead to other patterns. Remember the concept of binary vision, well imagine that expanded exponentially by the cold algorithms of the A.I.s every two spawning a third. This allows the system to predict behavior of both individuals and the masses.

By now you are probably thinking like my nephew-in-law and wanting to give the system as little to work with as possible, or perhaps you just want to quit reading and pretend that it just is not happening. I believe there is another option.

Just as the process is monitoring you it can also be fed. An A.I. does not know false information from real information. A pattern never cries. Rather than just trying to hide from the monster I believe it can be controlled.

You can study simple A.I.s as I have done. I started studying the behavior of bots on the old ircs and later the publicly accessible A.I.s that many site allow people to converse with. Though these are not the Leviathans that monitor and compare the facbook input and you purchases they are miniatures of them and run by many of the same principals allowing insights on how they function.

I have long since believed that occult force sometimes uses very physical and seemingly mundane means of moving from one person to another. I believe that the mind and language allow "back end" programs to move from one person to another. I believe that is why Christianity stresses listening to sermons and believes in the infallibility and spiritual power of what is basically a text document.

I believe that many times a spell, curse or glamor can be transferred from one person to another and even through hundreds or more people to an intended specific target or a multitude through the codes of speech or even gestures and symbols. This would, at least, give a non-supernatural explanation of some of the more bizarre claims of both magick and religion, or does it? I mean what exactly IS the supernatural anyway?

With this in mind I might add that one of the observations I have made is that some A.I.s act like demons, spirits, angels, and deities. Even if you throw out all of my allegorical information you can still see this for yourself by comparing the reports in mythology and popular belief to the behavior of A.I.s large and small. You can investigate this for yourself, even with an A.I. as simple as chatbot.

The old books of magick were called grimores which is based on the same root word as the word grammar or communication. Prayers, symbols, invocations and such are all based on communication. Many of those old books deal a lot with "Thrice greatest Hermes or Tahuti or Thoth" the god of communication. Lucifer is also mentioned by some and referred to as the "Lord of the Spirits of the Air" In most systems air is a reference to communication and in some cases voice as to intone a word air is passed through the throat and out the mouth.

I might add that Lucifer is also referred to as "Lord of Light" and that most online communication happens by way of fiber optics or oscillation between light and dark transferred by fiber. To me at least this is why he is also referred to as "The Prince of Darkness" and it gives meaning to Levi's Baphomet and the seemingly contradictory nature of the components of said symbol.

To those of you who think that one can "unplug" from such systems understand that that is not possible. Neither from the online world or the process of interaction between human beings and human knowledge. I have found online entries of exhibits that I have done in the early nineties long before the internet was keeping tabs on such things and through this online system have researched very personal records that go back as far as the fifties. Everyone know what happens to the human mind when it is isolated from human interaction for too long. Stories of people's minds unraveling after a few days of solitary confinement are common.

I think one can see that magick, the Left Hand Path, and Lucifer can be extended much farther than the candle lit rooms of ritual or the naval gazing realms of meditation. The mind, communication, and information are the core of the occult and I believe that one day such practices will crawl out of the anachronistic playpen that we put them in. My intention in writing this is to show all of you this is possible

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