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Sariel Mar 16 '16
So I am new here and I came here for a certain point but I think I am going to try something different. I suppose I was kind of rude to just come in here, expecting people to trust me and tell me what they know. So how about we start with a "Hello, how are you?" How about some people tell me about themselves? What they believe in? What brought them here? And what they are looking for here?
gamerguy666 Mar 16 '16
Hello i am just fine thank you, Well here is a little about myself. I'm an Honest person, Reasonably nice, Easy to get along with,Fun to hangout with, Love video games and shooting guns or just having fun outside, Never really liked super religious people because i found they're always trying to push their beliefs on people one way or another. (in my experience) I always followed my own path, For 99% of my life i was simply just an atheist, I help people who need it and i back up people who back me up, or just plain not being a scumbag, That's what i believe in, the thing i love about this is NOTHING has really changed except a title and a few guidelines Unless i told you i was a satanist would NEVER KNOW. What brought me here? Honestly a few Youtube videos that made sense to me, It got me to do some homework, talking to some satanists instead of judging them, the satanists i talked to helped me by providing more information about this philosophy, All this brought me to the realisation that I've always been a satanist in a way and NEVER knew, now to answer you're final question I already found what i'm looking for here. Information, Like minded people, Also Good conversation is sadly rare online i am able to find good conversation here Sometimes talking about Video games, Politics Current events, Whatever but it never breaks down into arguing and stupid insults like on Facebook, Youtube, ect.

(Also it being active is a BIG plus!)

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Sariel Mar 17 '16
@gseg I agree with all your opinions. Religious people mostly have mostly tried to push their beliefs on me for most of my life and that is why I am not very religious. I never labeled myself as atheist, more I just didn't care. The more I read about Satanism and talk to Satanist, the more I realize it is strongly misunderstood and one of the most mellow religions out there. I am thankful to be here, around such calm and like-minded people, so I can finally talk to someone that gets me
gamerguy666 Mar 17 '16
i could not possibly agree more and happy to talk anytime. Also have you chosen a path? 
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