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Kalliope Thorpe
Kalliope Thorpe Oct 13 '16
I'm so happy to be here!

I'm not new to Satanism, having been a laveyan satanist for the better part of a decade, but my mind may be changing. I have many questions to ask of you all, and am more than willing to lend an ear and do the same in return.

Please, call me Kalliope! (Cal-eye-oh-pee)

Nice to be here, nice to meet you :)

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 14 '16
Kali : I'm so happy to know that you are here.  Start asking your questions,  there are a lot of people in this site who will be willing to give you the best answers,  be of a very open mind to receive the answers,  perhaps they won't fit with what you have in mind,  but they will help you. You will not get all the answers to your questions here,  continue looking for the answers and you will be satisfied with your own discovery,  then you'll see back and you'll realize that  S.I.N. was a stepping block to make you reach higher.  Welcome. 
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