How to Become a Satanist

A younger version of me makes it clear what exactly it takes.

The Wall

Zach Black Owner
Oct 18 '15
Ahh yes the old youtube days. My how time flies eh Shawn. Everything go all serious these days. This video reminds me to another mocking video.
Oct 18 '15
The whoopie cushion shall rise again! ;)
Crystal Support
Nov 18 '15
Haha, Love it. \m/
Apr 22 '19
A sarcastic geek w/ glasses. Who would've known.
Nov 9
The getting old same symphony, but it matters after all.
Old but Gold.
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Zach Black Owner
Nov 13
i remember this ...great video great job
Nov 13
@Zack Black: Your grace my king. Thanks a lot for renovating our home SINetwork, I kneel before you for the glory of this very site.
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Nov 13
This video is really a Juggernaut craft made stuff.
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By Shawn
Added Oct 15 '15

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