annoying argument with a Christian on Omegle from Yalngarpiril's blog

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Religion.

Stranger: Hi

You: hello

Stranger: What religion?

You: satanism

You: u?

Stranger: Jesusism

Stranger: But not church

Stranger: U think satan is real?

You: im not a theistic satanist

Stranger: Ok. Do u think God is real?

You: im not theistic

Stranger: Ok

Stranger: Then why bring satan ino it

You: its a satire of christian values

Stranger: What's a christian value u disagree with?

You: the condemnation of our beastly nature

You: selfishness

You: greed

You: materialism

Stranger: But would you want to be stuck in a room of selfish people ???

You: i don't think I've ever been stuck in a room with unselfish people

Stranger: But in theory what would u prefer?

Stranger: The company of selfish or selfless

You: selfless people are very rare because they die of self neglect

You: the ego is the force of life

Stranger: But they make everyone else's life better right?

You: ya so good for everybody else

You: too bad for them

Stranger: Satanism doesn't work for a society. Only for individuals

You: individuals compose a society. morality is a perfectly useful construct to maintain everybody's individually selfish interests

You: satanists just acknowledge it

Stranger: U need to get saved

You: nope

You: I'm already in hell and enjoying it

Stranger: U will die and be anhilated

You: indeed

You: death is god's domain

Stranger: But Jesus offers life

You: jesus is a guise that satan uses to lie to the foolish

Stranger: Sounds ridiculous

You: ur doctrine sounds equally so

Stranger: No. Jesus saved humans from Satan's dominion

Stranger: Pretty simple

You: satan has always had dominion and jesus helps him do it

Stranger: No. Satan lost the bet when Jesus suffered on the cross.

Stranger: And had to release all humans

You: u think the world has been so great since then?

Stranger: No.

Stranger: It's not about this world

Stranger: It's about the next

You: god has the only world

Stranger: I believe in heaven

You: yup

Stranger: U don't want eternal peace and rest?

You: eternal peace and rest is always disturbed by partiers

You: there is no rest

You: there is no peace

You: life is life

You: death is death

Stranger: The fool says in his heart: there is no God

You: did i deny god?

Stranger: Before

You: i said I'm not a theist

Stranger: Ya

You: that isn't denying god

You: I'm denying ur conception of god

Stranger: What is yours then?

You: god is inanimate and satan is animate

You: god created satan through natural selection

Stranger: Who or what is satan?

You: the selfishness of hereditary material created by natural selection

You: the selfish gene

Stranger: Evolution is a lie.

Stranger: They duped you

Stranger: And cheated u out of eternal life

You: there is eternal life

You: my conscious is just one part of it

Stranger: Are you ex- christian?

You: nope

Stranger: Them what made you so messed up

You: life i guess lol

You: just seeing people

You: as they are

You: not being normative or prescriptive

Stranger: U need to get born again

You: there is one life

You: well

You: only one that's completely mine

Stranger: Give It to God

You: i would die were i to give it completely

Stranger: No

Stranger: We all die though

You: that's when we give it all to god

Stranger: The world's highest IQ man said:

Stranger: Nothing is wasted

You: yup

Stranger: So I think God will revive us

Stranger: Like what's the point of ur life if no ressurection?

Stranger: It's all pointless?

You: god creates slaves to satan. being happy is our work. its what we're built to seek.

Stranger: It's different if ur born again

You: satan is the ego that motivates us to continue our legacy

You: you are your ancestors and your progeny

Stranger: Ego must die.

Stranger: Be born again

You: life is the ego

You: and dies when does the ego

You: god is death

You: i'll return to him when I'm ready

Stranger: What if you burm in hell forever?

You: life is hell

You: death is heaven

Stranger: What if ur wrong?

You: what if unicorns exist?

Stranger: That doesn't matter

You: what if the first woman was made from a man's rib?

Stranger: Then evolution is a lie

You: makes more sense then that shit

Stranger: Bible makes sense

You: have fun worshipping a costume

Stranger: You are flesh and think according to the flesh

You: everybody is flesh. those who aren't in denial about it will die

You: and nobody wants die

Stranger: No. I am also a spirit being although I will be in the flesh for many years

You: i wish i could threaten to kill you right now so that you could bet your life on it but i know that i can't

Stranger: My flesh might say stop.

You: lol satan would be doing u a favor

Stranger: But the spirit being in me knows I'll live

You: god is death

Stranger: I was born again

You: go to him

You: if u want to

Stranger: God of the living not the dead

Stranger: You do not know the Scripture

You: lol why would i

Stranger: You should examine it and see your folly

Stranger: And get on ur knees and repent

You: i wouldn't bother

Stranger: gotta go

You: good riddance

Stranger has disconnected.

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The Wall

Dark Enlightenment
Aug 5
Sounds like a fun troll, with benefit of doubt given. I enjoy fruitless arguments. Please send this one my way. I very much enjoy arguing them. Seriously, tell them there's a godless queer that claims to have several arguments that debunk god starting with The Infinite Regress Paradox... I mean if you could find them again...Sounds like a fun troll, with benefit of doubt given. I enjoy fruitless arguments. Please send this one my way. I very much enjoy arguing them. Seriously, tell them there's a godless queer that claims...See more
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Dark Enlightenment
Aug 5
Apologist Kill 101

Here are some worthwhile arguments.

If god created the universe, what created god? And if god has always existed why can't we infer that for the cosmos and just have "one less god"?

If you want to get super-technical try this one: If god's will predetermines everything why do particles exist as waves before observation?

And if they want to get all mystical with proof of "intelligent design" say something like, The universe was a chaotic mess of nuclei and electron plasma with no form whatsoever until 370,000 years after the Planck Epoch, when it had cooled enough for atoms to form.

The big bang itself does not suggest anything more than an unfathomable amount of energy was released in an instant. For the argument "god did it" there are many equivocal options for this unknown: vacuum fluctuations/infinite zero point field, brane collision in infinite bulk (as m-theory requires infinities of infinities in quantum superpositions), Nun (primordial sea), simulation, etc...

If you want to further dismiss intelligent design say higgs-bosons (observed at CERN) may explain mass, which gives you all the fractalus symmetry you need. You might want to read up on "scalar fields" for that one.

You can then cite "hydrostatic equilibrium" as an example of how gravity "designs" things.

Symmetry is always the simplest form, and the simplest form is that which preserves energy. Everything fighting thermodynamic heat death.

Now keep in mind, no matter what you do, there will never be the "proto-chicken" to lay the universal egg.
Apologist Kill 101

Here are some worthwhile arguments.

If god created the universe, what created god? And if god has always existed why can't we infer that for the cosm...See more
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Aug 6
It was on Omegle which is anonymous so I could't find them again
I need to brush up on my physics...
Aug 6
nice one lol
Dark Enlightenment
Aug 6
I remember I was once told the two things you shouldn't argue are religion and politics. That dog just won't hunt.
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