The Return of the Knight of the Moon from JoshuaVonNoctis's blog

The light of candlefire brought the shadows forth from their hidden alcove. The smell of pine and cedarwood filled the room and I prepared myself for the devotional rite. Khonsu, Lord of the Moon and Lord of Offerings, was who I praised that night. The silver light that filled the sky touched down into my room and I basked in it's radiance.

Then Zach messaged me on Facebook and was like: "Josh, I cannot do the internetz plz help."

I rolled my eyes and got a nat 18. I could do that cause unlike these n00bs I took Improved Critical and my weapon has keen. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I accepted the invitation back to my old stomping grounds.

As much as some people like to bad mouth LHP paths, I much rather hang around them then my RHP brethren. I once read that there was more to the Left-Hand Path then simply the Balastky definitions of 'ego before divinity' and 'divinity before ego.'

So who knows? Maybe I was part of the Left-Hand Path the entire time and didn't know it.

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The Wall

Discordia Member
Sep 2 '19
Thanks, I needed that laugh this morning :) And WB.
Sep 2 '19
Thank you. Thank you.
Sep 2 '19
My dude. I missed you!
Sep 2 '19
Well, I'm back now. So maybe old time funs ahead.
Zach Black Owner
Sep 4 '19
"Josh, I cannot do the internetz plz help."
I never said this... your return could be but a 3 day vacation .
Sep 4 '19
It was a joke, Zach. Just trying to bring a smile some people's faces.
Discordia Member
Sep 4 '19
Don’t you know Satan hates humor?!
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By JoshuaVonNoctis
Added Sep 2 '19


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