A Woody Language, it's bit like a talking Minister. from 's blog

As gather is systematic, it creates fluctuations even in the most simplistic equations. A sentimental float gets surcharged over a sentient program, that is nothing wrong about it. There's someone who can give a proof and bring a brilliant theory with a fresh start. Yes, that's quite nice. Even it's uncomfortable to read that book, but it enlightens a new pattern that might be followed. Mostly, it's clear way that shows a perfect result, it's something made by a religiously folkloric people making scientists look like puppets. But in reality, it's about a construct and to construct a new perspective and a new vision inside the consciousness of human beings without committing any error in a living Matrix. What do you think?

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Jan 5
Don't hesitate to feed my blog with fresh intelligent quotes and woody sentences.
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Feb 4
What the what a crazy blog, that's it.
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