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Straight up I live in Surrey BC Canada and some Christians were playing outside one of the bus depot‘s and I walked right up to the big group of people and said hail Satan they just looked at me all weird and I just walked away but you know what I put it in their fucking head that not everybody believes in what they believe and you’re right there are money grabbing Muslims and there our money money grabbing Jews and if the Satanist is a money grabber then he’s not a true satanist We don’t ask for money we do not donate money we do not believe in asking for money we make our own money and we spend it how the fuck we want to spend it the only reason that people in other countries become Christians is because these Christians bring them food in their fucking hungry

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The Wall

Nov 24 '17
nice and yeah come over here
Nov 25 '17
hahahaha that's a pretty small cock
Nov 25 '17
for a Satanists your pretty judgmental almost like a Christian I think your on the wrong network
Nov 25 '17
good luck with that buddy no talking gay shit the catholic priests will take you for sure pce dude
Nov 25 '17
yeah exactly wegot enough problems with all these transformers running around we don't need this gay fuckery
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By TheDarkProphet
Added Nov 23 '17


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