Crazy shit happend to me at work just now. from Paimons_Son1211's blog

So guys, I'm at work for those of you who don't know I'm a 24/7 emergency response mechanic. And this older gentlemen who needed a on the spot belt change and this guy was an obvious bible thumper...... So he proceeded to talk about how God sent me at this perfect time to fix his snapped belt and guys, if y'all could have seen the look on my face. He started rambling on and on and it was getting to the point where I just wanted to work in silence. So I asked him a simple and easy question. I asked so you obviously believe in God. But are you biased in your beliefs? He asked what did I mean. Now mind you what said next blew his fucking mind. I said biased as in your beliefs like is it God God God and no other entity or higher spirits at play. And he said no my god is all knowing and I laughed very sarcastically he then proceeded to ask what's funny. Then i said, look man if your going to believe what you want then you cannot be biased, you have to know at least some basic knowledge on Satan and the other all powerful entities. How can you believe so whole heartedly on something when you think you only know one side of the fence. You need to do some research and learn both sides before you devote yourself to one "Devine" entity.  You are basically agreeing to be a controlled idiot. And I'll elaborate your basically siding with one person and basically blindly choosing one side being ignorant without even opening up yourself to know your so called spiritual enemy's. So your religion has no power behind it and it's fueled by deceit and lies. But it isn't your fault,you was born that way so I don't judge your ignorance. Guys if I could describe the mannerisms in his actions afterwards I'd basically have to say this man turned pale white and I could picture him doing the two finger cross thing that people do when they see a vampire or some shit. And I successfully won that verbal battle as he turned around in silence and sat in his car for the remainder of the job duration. Lol fucking golden. I just thought I'd share a piece of some of my weird late night encounters. Hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did.  Let me know what you all think about that and let me know if I was to harsh with my statements. 

Hail Satan


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The Wall

Dec 2 '18
I usually don't say anything either but man he just kept rambling on and on. And it was irritating.
Dec 2 '18
I'm usually a bit more nice, I've just had a rough few days and just wanted to work in peace.
Dec 2 '18
Ahhh there will surely be a next time this world unfortunately doesn't have a shortage of false believers. I'm storing that reply in the front of the witty remarks part of my brain. Haha
Dec 2 '18
The irony of mentioning god's will to the guy that fixes ambulances that saves lives is not lost on me at all. It's smirk-worthy.

Often times, though, when people say “god” they, themselves, don't even really know what they mean by that. Usually they're not even quite sure why they believe in this thing they don't even fully know what they mean by. It's this nebulous concept that they don't even know enough about to question, yet so pivotal to their sense of how the world works that questioning it would amount to an existential crisis.

It's tricky to have a debate of any sort when the terms themselves evade definition.

And on the flip side (because when devil's advocates play devil's advocates they sometimes say some unexpected things)

It's often like, when I sneeze, someone will say “God bless you”. Now, you and I know that's a weird thing to say. It's weird no one even thinks about why they say it. But___ well___ they mean well by it.

Sure, “we've” thought our way into what it is that “we” believe. “We're” wired that way to question things. That's how we end up on weird forums like these – one assumes, anyway. It turns out that not a lot of people do that. They take much of what they're given at face value. *That's problematic in its own right, but___ ya' can't raise the nation. One picks their battles and just shrugs the rest off.

It is possible that in this guy's world-view “God” is, like, whatever is responsible for any amount of “good” there is in this world – as silly of an idea that is to you and I and most people attracted to the idea of Satanism – that's just what he means by it: some nebulous force for good: a sort of deus ex machina that “comes through” when things look their worst.

Once the novelty of having established your own world-view wears off (and it takes a while... years, even) one comes full circle and realizes “we all speak our own language” and he just might have been paying you a compliment in the only language he had at his disposal. For him, being sent by god would imply you're basically a miracle worker.

I tend to let those things go with an “I appreciate the sentiment”. If his idea of god (no matter how faulty) means as much to him as it seems to, that only speaks volumes as to how appreciative he is for what you do. It's a tight rope, man.
The irony of mentioning god's will to the guy that fixes ambulances that saves lives is not lost on me at all. It's smirk-worthy.

Often times, though, when people say “god” they, thems...See more
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Dark Enlightenment
Dec 2 '18
I just like when dumb blonde bitches try to be witty
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Dec 2 '18
Yeah when you explain it like that, I understand AK but only reason I said what I said was because he literally started rambling and it was like 3:30 am I just wasn't having it at the time brother.
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By Paimons_Son1211
Added Dec 2 '18



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