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        Dogmatic thinking, seemingly unescapable, it is everywhere. We can see it came from the theocracies of the Abrahamic faiths, but it did not end with the church, mosque or temple, it has become the default mind set of the common persons. The Atheist is no different than protestant zealot. The theistic Satanist proclaiming only evil proclivities being worth wild, the Wiccan who will only do “white magic”, the heathen that will only give credence to things proven by academics to be ethnically and historically proper. There is no fluidity, just stiff neck black or white.  Always choose freedom, creativity and self-reliance. Do not forget the world is not bound in duality but operates in polarity. 

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The Wall

Jan 26
This is why having a belief is dangerious. It is rigid and unwaivering. To have an idea is a much better position to stand, it is fluid can evolve and change when you are presented with new information.
Tkwilliams Member
Jan 27
I really like that.
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By Tkwilliams
Added Jan 6


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