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samael75 Dec 11 '16

i am an atheistic satanist out of central florida. recently de-converted from old school presbyterianism. i still have a lot of friends and family in the church so any comments concerning how to deal compassionately with family who may or may not understand my shift would be appreciated. (but spiteful rants against the church not so much. i have enough of that just in my own mind)

i would like to get to know some other atheistic satanists on this site. i am not very woo woo. if that's your thing then good for you but not mine. (would still be happy to get to know you) i want to learn more about the archtype of satan. i have some knowledge from the 'other' side of the fence but need to do some reading to get a more balanced view. so book recommendations would be nice. or articles, blogs, etc. i am about to start paradise lost. but besides there i am lost (ha ha).

finally, i am interested in ritual. not for purely mystical reasons, as i am not very mystical, but for psychological reasons. putting myself in a certain mind set. i did read sam harris' book wake up and found they discussion on the science of mind and how certain rituals can affect the mind.

if anyone can help me on this path then great. if you just want to say hi or make friends then that's fine too. i look forward to the interaction on this site.

and of course, hail satan


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