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AntonDahmer Dec 21 '16
For the past couple of years I have had a very large ammount of experiences with the deja vu feeling, I've talked to people and the mAjority say they have intense moments of this maybe once every couple of months but for me it is weekly. When it happens ill be talking to someone and the sensory experience gives me that feeling, which I assume every has had a least once, and than a very sick realisation is brought over me that I could have sworn dreaming this exact conversation a few nights ago, or i really feel like ive repeated this moment in life before. The weird thing to me is its got to the point where I remember several instances of the same conversation, for example like deja vu repeated five to six times and I remember thinking the same thing then. When this happens it feels as if not every thing is they way it seems, like things are actually repeating themselves. For the most part I explain this with the same basic conversation topics with certain people that will eventually come up again, but their are some people where I know that the night we talked about this looked the same, the scenery was theme same, once in particular I was having the exact some discussion with someone and it was the third time with the same exact friends episode on. I was sitting their almost stunned because my memory of this fits exactly with what's happening in front of me, I remember looking around wondering if I was dreaming this or not. It's not everybody, just a handful of people close to me and some more than others. My high school teacher was the worst I would have so intense feelings of deja vu to the point where it was no longer just a couple of seconds, but minutes of that weird feeling. I remember wanted to ask if he was playing a prank on me but didn't want to seem too crazy. I really just wanted to say this somewhere in case this is a real phenomenon cause it freaks me out sometimes.
Seemann Dec 22 '16
same shit to me is happening often

I dislike deja vu...drives me crazy sometimes

AntonDahmer Dec 23 '16

Quote from FraterLuciferi Is that a deja vu?
Isn't it?
AntonDahmer Dec 23 '16

Quote from Seemann same shit to me is happening often

I dislike deja vu...drives me crazy sometimes

It drives me crazy too!
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 25 '16
It has been suggested the the Cern Super Collider is incidentally fucking time and some past events have altered. 

Perhaps it is just rumour... Perhaps it is true, who knows.

Like many people recalling scenes or words from a movie one way where they are actually in fact different. Or masses of people recalling historical facts differently to how they are recorded. Ie. What was once common knowledge is now inaccurate data.

Dracula's temple
Dracula's temple Mar 23 '17
It's funny how the subject is in this. Dejivu is something that I've incountered at periods of times in my life. What I've learned about it, is that first one has to recognize it when it happens because many people can't even say that they encountered it because they miss it when it happens. But I've learned that when it happens one must go over they last time it happened in your life. One must change ones intentions in life because they are trying to pursue something with the same intentions that failed the first time. So this last time that I encountered dejivu, I.noticed it excepted it then realized that I am following the same path that led to danger or pain and disappointment. So I changed my direction of where I was heading or playing to pursue. Then went in a spiritual direction

Most Satanist have bad grammar. You could've separated that into paragraphs instead of having one colossal paragraph. I don't feel like ddé·jà vu is a problem for me. I never ever experienced dé·jà vu. I think that you're being idiodic. That's all.

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