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Crim lavaey
Crim lavaey Jan 12 '17
Hi I'm starting a cult In a suburb of Houston Texas initations are tommarow if interested contact me at
Happy Spider
Happy Spider Jan 17 '17
What kind of a cult is it? I'm game
Crim lavaey
Crim lavaey Jan 19 '17
Satanist and Wiccan
Massimo Jan 19 '17

What part of Texas.  I am also in Texas.


Happy Spider
Happy Spider Jan 19 '17
I'm in central Texas. 
Charles Jan 25 '17
I've used the email address you've provided 8 days ago to establish contact, I guess you're very busy starting your cult, maybe you could task one of your cult members to assist with all the inquiries presently ahead of mine, just a thought.

Crim lavaey
Crim lavaey Jan 26 '17
Charles I haven't seen urs safe email me again
Crim lavaey
Crim lavaey Jan 26 '17
It's by Houston
Crim lavaey
Crim lavaey Jan 27 '17
How old are u
Crim lavaey
Crim lavaey Jan 29 '17
Oh we're 13-20
KissWitch Apr 1 '21
Satanist and Wiccan? The two are not compatible. Showing your ignorance. Also, no matter your predilection, all legitimate covens/cults only allow adults (18+). Noted and avoided.
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