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Satanic Romance
This forum is designed with the intention of meeting others in real life. Basically a meet up forum. The more specific you are about what you are looking for and about yourself the more successful you will be. Including photos a plus. This is a 18+ forum. Make a new thread for each new user please.
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BabyDevilBoi · Apr 9
In I am in need of a dom/top
Sexuality and Fetish related
General area to talk about sexually related topics. Nothing is taboo here but please keep it presentable. Feel free to post your fetishes, questions about sexually, fantasies and anything related to similar topics.
14 183
BabyDevilBoi · Jun 17
In An Anal Science For Satanism
Current Events
Just as it says.
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Dark Enlightenment · Nov 24
In Zionism Juice and the Indulgence of....
A place to post Movies and Videos.
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Cornelius Coburn · May 28
In Pigeon Cafe
99 1416
Sabrina · Oct 29
In What are you listening to right now?
A place to share stories, ask questions, view media and chill out. Do not sell drugs or post anything ' illegal ' in here. Please use common sense assume big brother is watching .
36 166
Dark Enlightenment · Aug 25
In My time with the Juggalos
49 692
Zakkary · Aug 30
In Ai Art...? Any opinions about that topic ?
Tech / Gaming
For your tech stuff and gaming needs
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Dark Enlightenment · Apr 17
In Asking Chat GPT For A Hate-Free Utopia
Promote your stuff here
Here is a place to promote your stuff!
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Venefica · Apr 7 '22
In My "Art"
Buy / sell
Buy and sell stuff here. Satanic International Network or its owners have no liability for transactions made. No selling or buying of illegal stuff here. You will be removed for even asking.
10 16
Tkwilliams · May 19 '19
In Extra drinking horns
Trip on This - Episodes
Trip on This is a podcast created by Zach Black in March of 2020. The show focuses on topics like counterculture, supernatural, the occult, drugs, sex, music , conspiracy theories, UFO and anything out of the ordinary or taboo. The show typically has Zach Black and a co-host and sometimes a guest. As of May 2020 the show usually live streams on either YouTube or Facebook . All the episodes are on the YouTube channel ' 30 hits of Acid guy ' on a playlist ' Trip on This '. The shows will soon be available for download on a podcast site somewhere in the future. Also the live streams on youtube and facebook have inter-active chatrooms so the viewer can interact with the hosts and guest. Occasionally we bring on live on video and guest view who wishes to participate for fun. There is no set schedule as of May 2020 but one will be soon. You can expect three shows a month for now.
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Zach Black · May 30 '21
In Link to most episodes on YouTube
Satanic International Network was created by Zach Black in 2009.
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