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PsyB Jan 20 '17
I am a 52 year old Warlock who has been practicing greater magic for 40 years.  I consider myself a Eclectic Shadow Warlock/God. Eclectic because I am versed in many other styles of magic not simply Satanism & Shadow because I am in the shadows due to my profession as a psychotherapist; I am in the public eye.  I primary joined to meet a Goddess/Witch but I am also willing to share my wisdom, teach, and perhaps show you a different perspective.  In my practice besides seeing a variety of clients I teach Anger Management and I have been doing so for 15 years.  Hello to all, and Hail Satan.

gamerguy666 Jan 22 '17
Indeed you do share your wisdom and you do it well I've learned much from our talks.
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